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Q: What country does mosque come from?
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What country does the word mosque come from?

It comes from the Arabic word of masjid

Which country is known as the country of mosque having more than 700 mosque?


Who uses a mosque besides Muslims?

Mosque is place of worship of Muslims. Non-Muslim may come to Mosque to visit with the permission of Mosque authority. Non-Muslim may come to mosque to discuss about any issues which is permissible in Islam.

In what country is the pearl Mosque in?


What year was the first mosque built?

The first mosque in Islam is Mosque Qiba, built in July 622. The mosque is in the country Saudi Arabia, in the city of Medinah.

Country as a origin of mosque?

it is Medinah, nr Makkah where a prophets house was the 1st mosque

Is there a mosque in every country?

no ________________________________________ Almost yes

Which country aqsa mosque?

saudi arabia

Which country has most mosque?

I wouldn't be surprised if it were France !

What is the mosque called in Pakistan?

Many Mosque it is a very Islamic country behave of the people who don't belive and say they do

What traditions does the country 'Turkey' have?

the country turkey's traditions are going to the famous mosque in is tanbul

Which country has maximum number of mosque in the world?

It's Bangladesh...

Which country is the worlds largest mosque located?

Saudia Arabia

What country can you see Blue Mosque and Haggai Sophia?


What is the name of the church in turkey?

Mosque. Turkey is a Islamic country.

Where is the Grand Mosque is located?

there is no grand mosque...many large towns have a grand mosque that heads the smaller ones and some countrys have a grand mosgue to head all mosque in the country..there is no grand mosgue ..most people think the grand mosque is the mosque in mecca but it isn't not...even to is in mecca it don't control all mosque worldwide so there is no grand mosque as in control of all mosque but many mosque called grand mosque like for example the grand mosque of Kuwait or the grand mosque of mecca or the grand mosque of abu dhabi just to name a few on national level...but is no main controling mosque .....

Where do the people in Somalia come to worship?

they go to worship in a mosque

What is the smallest Mosque in the world?

The world is a large place. A mosque can be built even at a very small place. It is not possible for any one to say which mosque is the smallest. Moreover, what good will come out if some one says that the smallest mosque is situated at such and such place?

How is the Mosque a focal point for a local Muslim community?

The mosque is the center of local communal religious gatherings and Muslims are very committed to the religion. Muslims come five times a day to the mosque for prayer.

Which country has much mosque in the following countries a- Bangladesh b- turkey?


Where does a mosque come from?

ıt comes from"mescid" in arabic, means "place of pray"

Why is a mosque important to Muslims in a non Muslim country?

Mosques are important to Muslims in any country non-Muslim or not. Muslims go to the Mosque to pray which is why it is imporatant. Muslims can pray anywhere aslong as its clean and they are facing Mecca. Muslims don't just pray at the Mosque either, they teach children, fundraise, talk about religion and so on. I have also heard a Mosque called a Masjid.

What is Muslim holy country?

No country is holy in Islam. However, Saudi Arabia has two holy places; namely Kaaba surrounded by the Grand mosque (in Mecca or Makkah) and The prophet mosque (AlMasjid Alnabawi) in Medina (or Almadinah).

What are mosque leaders called?

They are called Mullah, Imam or Akhund depending on the country and region.

How do you spell mosque?