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There are quite a few countries that have a presidential government such as the United States of America. This means that the government is a democracy.

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Q: What country has a presidential government?
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Which Latin America country has a presidential government?

All of them with the exception of Cuba; they qualify as presidential republics.

how is presidential government better than the parliamentary government?

One thing about presidential government that is better than parliamentary government is how the leader is chosen. In a presidential government the people choose their leader. This gives the people more say in their country and who governs it.

What is the major difference between a presidential and parliamentary system of government?

The presidential system of government is managed by president and parliamentary system of government is handled by prime minister of country

What is an example of a presidential government?

where a country has a president (USA)United States

What is the type of government that Finland has?

Finland is a semi-presidential rebublican country

Which country follows the presidential form of government?

india,united states of america

What is Algeria today?

Today Algeria is a country with government unitary semi-presidential republic.

Is the Philippines presidential form of governtmen still the best form of governtmen for the country?

is the phillippines unitary government. Still the best form of government for the country, or is it time to Adopt the federal form of government ?

Who is eucadors government?

The type of government that is used in the country of Ecuador is called a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic. The country is led by a President who has executive power over its people.

What type of government is Guinea-Bissau?

The type of government in Guinea-Bissau is presidential republic. The head of government business in the country is the prime minister.

Is Panama a presidential or parliamentary government?

Panama has a presidential democratic government.

What is a presidential country?

A presidential country is a country that is run by a presodent. America is one of them.

What is presidential?

Presidential Government is a system of government in which the president is constitutionally independent of the legislature.

What is the type of government in Mauritania?

Mauritania has a semi-presidential theocratic Islamic republic form of government. The country has a president, a prime minister, and a legislature.

Is Canada a presidential Country?

No. Canada has a Prime Minister as the Head of Government, and the Monarch of Britain as Head of State.

Disadvantages of a presidential government?

we can totally say that its a good idea to have presidential fomr of government . i know no one have an idea on that, i think its disadvantage is having the president to stop an act for a good country), its more eventually bad if the president have a bad idea in a country. but i think it will never happen.

Is a presidential government a branch of government?


How would you use Presidential Government in a sentence?

The United Sates of America is a presidential government

Advantages and disadvantages of presidential government?

disadvantages of presidential

Who controls Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a republic, meaning that they have their own government that controls the country. Presidential elections take place every four years.

How are the powers of legislative branch limited in the presidential government?

It isn’t a “presidential government “ but a federal government and the legislature makes the laws.

Which country has the same government as Mexico?

Federal presidential representative republics, such as the United States of America, Brazil or Switzerland.

What is a semi-presidential republic?

The semi-presidential system is a system of government in which a prime minister and a president are both active participants in the day-to-day functioning of the administration of a country.

Advantages of presidential form of government?

The presidential form of government is advantageous because the people get to decide the rules. Presidential forms of government also gives anyone the right to run for president.

What type of government does Columbia have?

Colombia is a country located in the northwest region of South America. As of May 2014, Colombia's government is a unitary presidential constitutional republic.