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Lithuanian flag has yellow, green and red horizontal stripes.

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Q: What country has red yellow and green stripes?
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Red, yellow and green

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an ant is yellow with green and red stripes

What flag is green yellow red stripes with blue circle and yellow star outline?


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---- === === ---- === === ---- === === ---- === ===

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What does the green on the German flag represent?

The German flag consists of 3 vertical stripes of black, red and yellow. There is no green on it.

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What three colors are on the Rwandan flag that was adopted on 2001?

The colours adopted in 2001 are: horizontal stripes of blue, yellow and green with a yellow sun emblem. Previously to 2001, the stripes were vertical: red, yellow and green, with a capital R in the centre.

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What colors are on the Kurdish flag?

The Kurdish flag has stripes of red, white, and green with a yellow sun at its center.

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