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The french language

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Q: What country has set up a government agency that protects its language from outside influences?
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Explain in one way in which culture influences a country?

Accept any reasonable way, including how culture influences language spoken, foods eaten, customs followed, values held, religions practiced, government instituted.

What is the government office in a foreign country that protects the rights of its citizens?

an embassy

What influences government decision making?

The citizens of a the country can influence decision making

What makes a language an official language?

The decision is made by the government of a country, according to the way laws are passed in that country.

A trade policy is a government policy?

that directly influences the quantity of goods and services that a country imports or exports.

Why does the government want power?

The government wants power in order to be able to control and protects its citizens. The government wants access to as much information as possible to protect the country.

Is ice land a city?

Iceland is a country with its own government and language.

What defines a country?

A country needs: *Government *Stationary territory with specific borders *Written and Oral language

What is first duty of a government?

Government is the means by which the state(country) maintains social order, protects the people, provides public services, and enforces the laws that are binding on all the people living in that state (country).

Are sicilians black?

They are a mixed race. Sicily was an independent country that had its own language and government that were mixed from Greek, Arabic, and northern African influences and it eventually got conquered by Italy. They are normally concidered caucasians and whites but in a sense they are their own race/color.

What nationality is Romanian?

The nationality of the Romanian people; Romania is a country in the Eastern part of Europe. The Romanian language is of Latin origin; the Romanian people is of Dacian origin with some Slavic influences (and other influences from the migratory peoples).

What country controls New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France. The main language is French and there are many French influences throughout the islands.

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