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What country has the best health care?

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Sweden because, it's the healthiest country in the world and it has the best hospitals

Sweden? I'll say the UK or Japan..

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Which country has worst health care?

Ethiopia has the worst Health Care and it is the poorest country out of them all, so that contributes to the bad Health Care.

Why does the United States have the best health care?

The US does not have the best health care system in the world. It has the best emergency care system, but is poor in health care compared to other countries around the globe.

What health care is all about?

'health-care" is to insure that everyone in the country has access to proper health care no matter what their financial circumstances are.

What countries have the best health care systems?

Canada Not Canada. The UK has a way better health care system. But France has the best health care system.

What is the secondary prevention of health care?

Living in a country beside Canada is where you pay for health care.

What is the best measure of quality of care?

to have best health conditions and best care of your self.

Is the US the only country with no free health care?

Well.. Africa doesn't. But virtually every developed country I believe does have universal health care.

Where is the best place to get information on Health Care Certifications?

I like ASQ. They have some of the best information on Health Care Certifications. "The National Healthcareer Association has all the information you would need on anything health care related, even health care certifications."

Which countries have the best healthcare systems?

According to the World Health Organization, France is the leading country in terms of health care systems. Of course, their country is almost bankrupt. The United States ranks 38.

Which country appears to have the worst health care?

I have no ideea.

Who has the better health care America or Canada?

amercia has the best health care in the world i would recommend it to anyone

Which country has the most available access to health care?


Do people in France have universal health care?

People in France do have universal health care. The French health care system is financed by the country’s government national health insurance. In 2000, the WHO found that France had one of the best universal health care systems in the world.

In rank which has best health care in world?


What countries have the best health care plan?


Are health care professionals who provide mental health care integrated with other systems of care?

Yes there are a few health care professions who do provide mental health care with other care systems. what area are they located in?

What state is considered to have the worst health care providers in the country?


What counties do have a free health care?

There is not a single country on the planet that offers free health care (taxes are higher in these countries which is how health care can have the essence of being "free" when in reality it's not), what you mean to ask is what countries have socialized health care. All developed countries except the United States offer "free" (it's not really free...) health care.

What is public health care system?

it mean when the government of that particular country takes care of it's people.

What are some affordable health care plans?

Some affordable health care plans include medicare and medicaid. These two health care and insurance plans provide the best service and cheapest service.

What home health care services have the best ratings in Massachusetts?

According to the national reports, two home services rank as the best in Massachusettes. Brooksby Village and Visiting Nurse Community are two of the best home health care companies. Other wonderful home health care services include International Health Solutions and Auburn VNA.

What are the best home health care agencies in Las Vegas Nevada?

You can visit for some listing of home health care agencies.

Are people worried about the health care plan?

yes lots of people - I know that I am definitely worried about a National Health Care plan. If over time national health care grows larger and more dominating, it will make private companies go out of business. With less private companies, there will be less competition for health care companies to try and persuade people to use their health care plan. When there is no competition, National health care will not have be try to be the best it can be, because there are not enough other options for people to go to. And when health care is no longer trying to be the best it can be, it will lead to serious problems.

What country has over 60 population without access to health care?


How is Obama helping the country?

Job creation, Health care, and Immigration laws