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England had the first soccer team ever.

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What country was the first to get a professional soccer team?

The United States. The first country with the first professional soccer team, the teams where D.C. United and L.A. Galaxy.

What country has the best soccer team?

I would say the country that has the best soccer team currently is Spain.

Is there a country without a soccer team?

Vatican city doesn't have a soccer team

Which country is the best soccer team in the world?

the best soccer team in the world is Spain

Is there a country in the world without a soccer team?

Vatican city doesn't have a soccer team.

What country does Robinho play for?

Robinho is a soccer player who plays for Milan soccer team and also plays for the Brazilian National soccer team. The country Robinho plays for is Brazil.

What is most famous soccer team in turkey?

The famous soccer team is the FA and they were the first soccer teams.

What is the soccer team called in Japan?

The name of the Japan Soccer team is Japan because that is the name of the Country.

What is the Argentina soccer team name?

Argentina why do you think each country has its soccer team named by itself!

What country ranks first in soccer?

Spain is currently ranked as the best international football team in the world.

Who was the first team to play pro soccer?

Notts county fc was the first formed soccer team. It was formed in 1862!!

How many soccer teams are in Argentina?

Argentina is a very big country. It has many different sports team. But in soccer team, there are hundreds of soccer teams.

Which country won the African cup of nations in soccer in 1957?

The Egyptian team did it for the 1st time, it was the first championship

What is the first country to play soccer?

England was the first country to play soccer(football) because the sport was created there.

The best soccer team in the world?

Country team it is England, club team it is Real Madrid.

What sports does each country participate in?

Each country provides a soccer team

What is the name of the Brazilian soccer team?

its definitly the name of their country.. just like the united states soccer team is called united states, Brazil's soccer team would be Brazil. simple as that! :)

What is the name of Kenya's professional soccer team?

The name of Kenya's team is simply the name of their country - Kenya. This is true of any international professional soccer team.

Who are the best soccer team in the world?

Barcelona or the country spain

Where do I play indoor soccer?

you can play in a gym first join a soccer team

Who wins a soccer game?

first of all your not being spacific but my schools soccer team vs denvers soccer team my school would win PS i don't play soccer

What was the first soccer team to win the world cup?

the first soccer team is Uruguay 2nd place Argentina 3rd united states 4th Yugoslavia

Who was the first person to play soccer?

The first proper football (soccer) team was Sheffield F.C, Yorkshire, England.

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