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The United States is a major export partner of the Peoples Republic of China.

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To which country does France export the most in EU?

Germany is the first economical partner of France.

What is the biggest export and import country in southern Africa?

The Republic of South Africa

What country does Canada export most of its products to?

Canada and the US are each other's largest trading partner.

What does the Dominican Republic produce or export?

They export fruits and sugar

Who is the largest export partner of Pakistan?


Who is the leading export partner of the US?


Where does Australia export its goods to?

Australia's main exports are iron ore and fossil fuels ( mostly coal ). These products are sent mainly to Japan and the Peoples Republic of China.

What countries do Canada only import to?

do you mean what countries does Canada EXPORT TO? Canada imports FROM other countries. Canada's biggest trading partner is USA , we have many trading partners, most all of Europe and Asia, both import and export. Import means bringing into the country and export means shipping it out of the country.

What is the biggest export in the Dominican Republic?


Where does The Republic of the Congo export its goods?

The Republic of the Congo's major export partners include China, United States, France, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and India.

Whice country bangladeshi nakshi katha export?

who country export nakshi katha

What do Ireland export to Czech Republic?

stag parties

What does the Dominican Republic export?

it exports fruits and sugar

What country does China export most to?

It export most from USA

Which countries have an excellent export import relationship with Canada?

The country with the best import export relationship with Canada is naturally the United States in 2009 73% of Canada's exports went to the United States and 63% of Canada's imports were from the United States. The second largest import partner is the country China.

Peru country export out of their country?


What are does the Republic of Guinea export and import?

Guinea export the car,rice, and Guinea import the fist,banana,cocoa,

What countries does Kuwait export oil from?

what country does kuwait export oil to

What is the difference between an import and export?

Import is when something is sent into your country. Export is when something is sent out of your country. It doesn't have to be country, but continent, territory and such.

Define export management?

export management is a process passing goods and material one country to another country.

What is the definitions of export?

The definition of export is goods and services taken out of one country from another country for purposes of trade.

What is chief export?

The chief export of a country is the most important product or resource that a country trades on the international market.

Write the difference between export and import?

Export is to send goods out of the country. Import is to bring goods into the country.

What the difference between visible export and invisible export?

In economics, visible export is the export of physically tangle goods from one country to other countries, and re-export of goods at various stages of production. Invisible export involves the export of physically intangible items, such as services, from one country to other countries.

Who are the UK's major trading partners?

The UKs major export partner is US 14.71%, and the major import partner is Germany 12.87%.