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Vatican City, Lesotho, San Marino


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A country is landlocked when it's entirely surrounded by other countries - with no ocean access.

A landlocked country is a country which has no sea borders, or is bordered entirely by other countries - the country's borders are "locked" in by the land surrounding it.

A landlocked country is a country that is entirely enclosed by land and has no direct access to the sea. The landlocked countries in South America are Bolivia and Paraguay.

Lesotho is completely landlocked within the Republic of South Africa.The Kindom of Swaziland is landlocked between the Republic of South Africa and Mocambique

Hungary is entirely landlocked. The closest that it comes to having a "coastline" is where it touches rivers and lakes.

My god no. Swaziland is a landlocked country in southern Africa and Switzerland is an another landlocked country but located in Western and Central Europe

The country was landlocked, and had to import its seafood.

it is a landlocked country

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country.

Because it has no coastline, all of its borders are another country, it does not have a sea bordering it.

The largest landlocked country in the world is Kazakhstan.

No, Paris is not a country, and therefore cannot be a landlocked one.

The northernmost landlocked African Country is Chad.

The country that is landlocked in the Western Balkans is Macedonia.

Yes, Tajikistan is landlocked.

Chad is the largest landlocked country in Africa, followed by Niger and Mali. In terms of population, the largest landlocked country is Ethiopia

The country landlocked by Bolivia is Paraguay.

A country that is landlocked is a country that is completely surrounded by other countries. It has no seacoast along its borders. Botswana and Paraguay are two examples of this.

Liechtenstein is one country that is landlocked in the Alps. Switzerland and Austria are both landlocked and have the Alps run through them.

Yes indeed, Uzbekistan is a landlocked nation.This has hampered in its trade and also foreign relations, not to mention the countries economy which has also suffered severely in the middle ages due to this situation. Uzbekistan is doubly landlocked. A country is doubly landlocked when it is surrounded entirely by one or more landlocked countries (requiring the crossing of at least two national borders to reach a coastline).

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America.

It looks like a schnitzel. Hungary is an entirely landlocked country and its borders are completely arbitrary, as set by the Treaty of Trianon.

Because it hasn't got a coastline. You have to go through another country to reach the sea.

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