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China is the country that is famous for its fish catches. China catches 4.1 million tonnes of fish from their waters each year.

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Which country is famous for fish catch?

Its Japan

Why is Washington famous for its fish?

because they catch them

What country catch and eat the most fish in the world?


What are pelicans most famous for?

Their weird flappy beak that they catch fish in.

Which country is famous for sashimi or raw fish?


Which country is ranked as the worlds biggest in relation to fish production?

donegal catch

How do fish eating birds catch fish?

They catch them.

How do you catch the fish in simple present tense?

I/you/we/they catch the fish. He/she/it catches the fish.

Is a catch a group of red fish?

The noun 'catch' is a word to group any type of fish, for example:a catch of red fisha catch of trouta catch of catfish

How do beavers catch fish?

Beavers don't catch fish

How do herons catch fish?

herons catch fish with their beaks

Can you catch fish with meat?

sometimes it depends on what fish you are trying to catch

What can you catch sun fish with?

you can catch sun fish with a fishing pole

How do penguins catch fish?

Penguins catch fish by swimming to where the fish are hiding and catching them in their bill. They then swallow the fish whole.

How do you catch a flying fish?

catch it

How do bears catch fish?

bears catch fish by walking into the water and wait to spot a fish to eat

How do you catch fish in new zealand?

You catch a fish like a normal person....

How do missouri people catch their fish?

They catch the fish with wood fisshing rods

Does Japan eat the most fish than in any other country?

Yes, because of their famous sushi meal, they fish the most and eat the most fish.

How do you catch muget the fish on club penguin?

catch every fish until the 62 or the 63 fish and wait with your line exactly in the middle of the water and when the fish comes leave it there until you catch it!

How do you catch a fish in Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

you need bait to catch a fish.

Can people catch a fish in the peanut butter?

No people can not catch fish in pesnut butter

What kind of fish are the golden fish the cats catch on there journey?

They catch pond goldfish.

Do penguins catch fish in there beaks?

Yes. This is perhaps the only way it can catch fish

How many fish can a emperor penguin catch?

it can catch up to 6 fish at a time

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