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Vietnam borders the South China Sea

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Where is Vietnam located on the globe?

Vietnam is located in the south east~

What is the location of Vietnam?

Vietnam is located in South East Asia.

What country is Vietnam located in?

Vietnam is a country, in the Southeast portion of Asia.

Which part of Asia is Vietnam in?

Vietnam is geographically on the borderline of east asia and se asia. Vietnam is the only country in se asia that can also be categorically part of east asia. Vietnam's people and culture is east asian, but geographically located in the borderline of se asia/east asia.

Is Vietnam a country or a continent?

Vietnam is a country, not a continent. It is located in Southeast Asia.

Is Vietnam in China?

No, it is a different country located in South East Asia. It's part of mainland Asia and is east of Cambodia and Laos. Have a map with you. Read it.

What country Vietnam in?

Vietnam is the country, and is located on the continent of Eurasia; just like the US is a country (the United States) and is located on the continent of North America.

Is cambodia part of Vietnam?

No, Cambodia is the country on the East side of southern Vietnam, separating Vietnam and Thailand.

What country is located 20 degrees north latitude and 105 degrees east longitude?

North Vietnam near the border of Laos North Vietnam near the border of Laos

Where is Laos located?

Laos or Lao PDR is in South East Asia, It is only landlocked country in the ASEAN countries. It is near China to the north, Thailand to the west, Burma to the north west, Vietnam to the east and Cambodia to the south.Laos is located in between Vietnam and Thailand in southern Asia

Which country is located in east of Niger?

Chad is located in the east of Niger.

Where is the Gulf of Tonkin located?

Off the east coast of Vietnam.

What country is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a new country (created in 1975/76) located in Southeast Asia. Prior to 1975 there was a North and a South Vietnam.

What country is the Mekong River located?

The Mekong River is located in Vietnam.

What country is farther north Vietnam or laos?

Vietnam is to the East of Laos and extends both North and South of it.

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