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If by left you mean west, then it is Portugal.

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What country did the voyage start for Magellan?

He left from Spain.

What country did Columbus leave from?

Columbus left from Spain

What country is Portugal?

Portugal is the small country connected to Spain on its left side by the Atlantic Ocean

What country is Spain?

the state of spain

What color is Spain on the map?

Spain is different colors on different maps. Spain is the big square shaped country at the bottom left corner of Europe. (South west!)

What is the most popular country in Spain?

There are no countries in Spain - Spain is a country.

Is Spain a developing country?

Spain is a developed country.

Is Pakistan in Spain?

Pakistan is a country. Spain is a country.

Spain is located in the country of Spain in Europe?

Spain is officially the Kingdom of Spain, a country in the continent of Europe.

In which country is Spain?

Spain is a country. One country cannot belong to another country, or be "in" another country.

Is Spain an LDC?

Spain is not a ldc, the country of spain is a mdc, More developed country.

What country did Christopher Columbus LEAVE FROM in the year of 1492?

He left from Palos, Spain on August 3 of 1492.

What country is border to Portugal?

Spain is the border of Portugal. If you are looking at a map, it'll be on your right, and the maps left.

When did Francisco leave Spain?

If you are asking about Francisco Franco the answer is never. Once he returned to Spain to begin the Spanish Civil War he never again left the country.

Is Barcelona Spain a country?

Spain is a country, Barcelona is a city.

Is Spain a undevolped or devoloped country?

Spain is a developed country.

How Spain became a country?

spain became a country in 1956

Who left Spain in 1492?

Columbus left Spain on his first voyage of discovery.

What country is aluminum found in?

spain spain spain

Is Spain a developed country or not?

Yes, Spain is a highly developed country.

Is Spain located In Portugal?

Spain is a country east of the country of Portugal.

Is Spain one of the north America country?

No, Spain is a European country.

What countryis next to Portugal?

Portugal is on the coast so it has no border country on its right, however Spain is on the left of Portugal

What country did Junipero Serra sail?

Juniperro Serra left Cadiz, Spain and sailed for vera cruz, Mexico

What ocean did Columbus cross after he left Spain?

which ocean did columbus cross after he left spain