What country is surrounded by Spain and the Atlantic ocean?

You certainly mean "Euskadi" (the Basque autonomous region [or country, in those natives' sense of the word] in the North of Spain = 'PaĆ­s Vasco', in Spanish), or "Euskal Herria" (Land of 'Euskara' = the unique language of the Basque people, thus "Land of Speakers of Euskara", i.e., the men, the real people), meaning the whole land with the major part that was occupied by force by Spain (this, settled on South-West-and-East borders) and some territories taken by France (northeastwards). Perhaps you mean Catalonia ("Catalunya", in Catalan language) autononous region, which is just one-side-bordered by Spain - not surrounded! - (westwards) and by the Mediterranean at East (not the Atlantic properly). Once Galicia is just bordered (eastwards) by some said Spanish provinces and southwards by Portugal and only northwards by the Atlantic, no other answer, but Euskadi is almost alright for your question.