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the Irrawaddy river flows through China and Myanmar!

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Which country-river association is incorrect it's Myanmar-Irrawaddy?


What Country Are Both the Irrawaddy River and the Salween River Located?


Name a country that the River Irrawaddy flows through?

probuly America

Where is the irrawaddy river located?

It is located in Asia. The country it is located in is Burma (Myanmar). -GUAM

What is burma's longest river?

The Irrawaddy River is the longest river in Burma (now known as Myanmar). The Irrawaddy River is about 1,350 miles in length.

On what river is Mandalay located?

Irrawaddy River.

Main river in Myanmar?

Irrawaddy River.

Whar river flows through Mandalay?

Irrawaddy River

What major river flows trough burma?

The Irrawaddy River.

Which continent is the Irrawaddy River located on?


What major river is in burma?

The Irrawaddy River it cuts through almost half the country. There are a lot of lakes and rivers in Burma but the most famous is the Irawwaddy.

Which is myanmar's most famous river?

Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy

What major river flows through Burma?


How many miles is the Irrawaddy River?

1,348 miles.

Which major river flows through Burma?


What is large river flowing through Myanmar?

irrawaddy (:

What is the name of the river that runs through Burma?

The Irrawaddy.

The river that flows south from mandalay in Myanmar to rangoon and into the bay of Bengal?

The Irrawaddy river.

Where is the Irrawaddy river?

Irrawaddy RiverRiver, Myanmar (Burma). It flows 1,350 mi (2,170 km) across the centre of the country and empties into the Bay of Bengal. The country's most important commercial waterway, it is formed by the confluence of the Nmai and the Mali rivers; in the central dry zone it is joined by its major tributary, the Chindwin River. Chief ports are Mandalay, Chauk, Prome (Py

How long is irrawaddy river?

It is 2,170 km (1,348 mi) long.

What river provides Myanmar with its chief internal water route?


What are the names of two river found in Myanmar?

The Chindwin and the Irrawaddy rivers .

Which river provides Burma with its chief internal water route?


What are some rivers that begin with the letter I?

Indus riverIllinois riverIowa river.Indus,Pakistan Irtysh, RussiaIrrawaddy, Burma(Myanmar)Inangahua, New ZealandIhosy, MadagascarIndus,PakistanIrtysh, RussiaIrrawaddy, Burma(Myanmar)Inangahua, New ZealandIhosy, MadagascarIsrial River in IsrialThe Indus is a mighty river in South Asia. The German rivers Isar and Inn are much smaller.IndusIshimIguacuIjsselIrtyshIllinoisIrrawaddyIsarco River; Irrawaddy; Indus;Indus RiverThe Indus River is located in western India.Indus RiverIndusIndus River (Pakistan, China, India)Indus River (Pakistan, China, India)IJssel (Netherlands).Rivers that start with I include the Illinois River, Iditarod River, Independence River, Indian River, Iowa River, and Iron River.

Is there a famous river starting with the letter I?

Indus Irrawaddy (Posted by JR Waddy, no relation !)

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