Lamb and Mutton

What country is the leading exporter of lamb and mutton?


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Australia is the leading exporter of lamb and mutton.


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Australia is the world's largest exporter of numerous products. They are:CoalOpalsMutton and live sheep (second largest exporter of lamb)Bauxite

neck of mutton will be from a lamb or young lamb No, that's lamb neck. Neck of mutton is from an older, mature, tough sheep.

Mutton doesn't come form a specific country. Mutton is the meat obtained from adult sheep, as opposed to lamb (which is obtained from lambs less than a year old).

Mutton is word used to describe an old sheep (or the meat from an old sheep). A lamb is a young sheep. Therefore, you will never find mutton on a lamb.

Mutton is lamb, then and today.

lamb meat is called mutton

Lamb. Or mutton, if the sheep is adult.

Mutton is lamb and it is considered as a red meat.

Mutton is older sheep. In Australia theres a saying "mutton done upas lamb", this is when an older lady is dressed in clothing that is more appopriate for the younger ladies.

a sheep is a farm animal which you can get wool from and meat like mutton or lamb mutton- older sheep lamb- younger sheep :)

Although countries have there own regulations regarding the age of lamb and mutton, it is widely acknowledged that lamb is less than 12 months old, yearling lamb is 12 to 24 months old, and anything over 24 months old is mutton.

lamb, hogget or mutton depending on the age of the sheep

No, lamb (and adult, "mutton") is considered red meat.

shahanaz Lamb - in an adult sheep it is called mutton.

Possibly a Lamb Burger. Lamb is from a young sheep and mutton from a mature sheep.

If it is sold as "lamb" it must be lamb. Mature sheep meat is called mutton

lamb meat is called lamb, sheep meat is called mutton (Mutt-On)

Young lamb meat is called "lamb." Older lamb or sheep meat is called "mutton."

Lamb - meat from an older sheep is called mutton.

Lamb is preferred to sheep (mutton) as the meat is more tender.

It tastes better than mutton.

Mutton, hogget or lamb...

You're confusing the word lamb with mutton. Large sideburns are called mutton chomps, mutton is also used to describe a type of lamb. The confusion is common. This article describes the difference of the two. When referred to a man's facial hair, it is always called mutton.

Kebab is Turkish for roast meat. Usually made with mutton (lamb).

The word is gigot. It means a leg of mutton or lamb.

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