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Q: What country or region cultivated rice and vegetables?
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What country or region cultivated coffee yams rice and watermelon?

< áfrica is your best choice

Where is rice cultivated in US?

Rice is cultivated in Louisiana, the Carolinas, and California.

Where is rice cultivated in India?

Rice is cultivated in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

What Indonesian island has rice terraces?

Rice production is an important part of national economy in Indonesia. Rice terraces in Bali island are very famous. Rice cultivated land accounts for more than 50 percent of total cultivated land in the country.

What are the products of region 4A in the Philippines?

Region 4A -rice -banana -sugarcane -coconut -peanut -vegetables -corn -rootcrops

Did the Chinese invent rice?

no, they cultivated it

What are the Products of Region 4 in the Philippines?

rice, rootcrops, corn, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, and sugarcane

Where is rice cultivated in Italy?

In the Po valley

Is wild rice a grain product?

Rice is grain, whether wild or cultivated.

What are the natural resources of region 1?

The natural resources of region includes rice, corn, vegetables and fruits generally. Limestone is another natural resource of region 1.

What crops are grown in jammu and kashmir?

Kashmir Region:- Saffron, Rice, Apple and Cherry Jammu Region:- Rice, Weat, Corn, Maize, Barley, Pulses and Vegetables Basmati rice and rajmash (pulses) are valuable cash crops of the region. Medicinal plants and fodder are also grown in specific areas of the region.

Is rice made from wheat?

No, rice and wheat are two very different crops cultivated independently.

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