What country raises the best beef?

Without trying to start a war between which country is better, this question could very well be based on many different opinions. For the U.S. citizens, America raises the best beef. For Canadians, Canada raises THE best beef. And so on and so forth for Australia, South America, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Japan, etc.

But in my humble opinion, I think Canada, Australia/New Zealand and the U.S.A raise the best beef, in that order. But how the beef tastes depends on breed, diet, stress levels before slaughter, age of animal, type of animal (e.g. steer vs. mature cow), and possibly amount of antibiotics/hormones in the animal's system. Again, IMHO, home-grown beef beats any kind of beef being sold on the market, no matter if it's corn-fed, grass-fed or barley-fed, nor what kind of breed it is, Angus or Simmental or whatever.