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great britan!~!~

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Q: What country refers the police to bobbies?
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In what country do they call police bobbies?

The term "bobby" refers to the London Metropolitan Police in England. The name comes from Sir Robert Peel, who is considered the "father of modern policing".

Why are the police nicknamed bobbies?

They are named "Bobbies" after Sir Robert Peel who was Home Secretary at the time and was responsible for forming the police force.

What are British police called?

English police are called Bobbies

Are London police still called bobbies?

"Bobbies" is used as a colloquial term for police officers around the UK, not just London where it originated.

In what country do people call police bobbies?

In the United Kingdom. Named after Sir Robert Peel who saw the creation of the first organised police force

What is the Police in England called?

The Police in England are called Police ! The regular officer is a Constable. There are many other grades also. There are many divisions of Police and Many Constabularies, depending on where in the Country you are.Bobbies

Are police in London called beetle?

No, they are called "bobbies" or peelers

What is Another word for a british policemen?


What are nicknames for police?

Coppers, Cops, the fuzz, peelers, and bobbies.

How did London police Bobbies get their names?

From Sir Robert Peel who helped to create the modern police force, As youi may know the diminutive or familiar for Robert is Bob - hence Bobbies.

Who founded the police force?

Robert Peel hence Bobbies and Peelers

Why are police called bobbies and peelers in Victorian times?

Robert Peel became the Tory Home Secretary in 1822. He established the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 set up an organized police force. They became known as 'Peelers' and 'Bobbies' after their founder.

Are bobbies in London also called officers?

Yes, bobbies are a nickname for officers. The London police force , now called the Police Service was created in 1829 by an act introduced in the British Parliament by the then home secretary, Sir Robert Peel. The shortened version of Robert is "Bob" which gave rise to the nicknames "Bobbies" and/or "Peelers" for policemen

When were the police invented?

1829 by Sir Robert Peel Metropolitan Police Act The police were (sometimes still are) called the Peelers or the Bobbies after Robert Peel.

What do they call the police in Scotland?

Depends where in Scotland you are from. In Aberdeen some people call them bobbies or just police

When was the police force invented?

1829 by Sir Robert Peel Metropolitan Police Act The police were (sometimes still are) called the Peelers or the Bobbies after Robert Peel.

What is the nickname for officers of the London Metropolitan Police?

They're called "Bobbies," a reference to the organizer of the London Metropolitan Police Sir Robert Peel.

Why in the Victorians days why were police called peelers?

The founder of the Metropolitan Police was Sir Robert Peel so his policemen were nicknamed Peelers or Bobbies.

Why are the police at Scotland Yard called bobbies?

The London Police force was the idea of Sir Robert Peel, Bobby is a shortened form of Robert, so they police were Bobbie's men.

What was the nickname of the first British Police Officers?

'Peelers' or 'Bobbies' - a nickname playing off the name of Sir Robert Peele the organizer of the London Metropolitan Police Force.

What are the nicknames for British police?

British police may be referred to as:The Old BillBobbiesPeelersFlat footsThe FuzzThe PlodFedsThe 5 - 0Coppers

Why was Sir Robert Peel an important person in Victorian times?

He created the police force, back then called Peelers or Bobbies.

Why are police called bobbies sometimes?

The nickname apparently is a result of the act of Parliament establishing the Metropolitan Police Force being introduced by the Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel.

What was a police car called in 1789?

A horse. In 1789, there were no cars, and also no police. The idea of a civilian "police" force was the invention of Sir Robert Peel, who founded the London Police. (If you have ever heard British police refered to as "Bobbies", or "peelers", that's where the term came from.)

Who were the first police officers in London?

The Bow Street Runners, sometimes called Peelers or Bobbies after their founder Sir Robert Peel.