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Two and a Half Men

What country song has the lyrics - we women don't lie to men?

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It might be a song called Girls Lie Too, by Terri Clark

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"Trashy Women" is a song recorded by country music singer Jerry Jeff Walker in 1989 and later by the band Confederate Railroad. It was a #63 single on the U.S. Country charts in 1989

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The lyrics for the song "Where Were You" which was performed by Alan Jackson, the American country music singer, are available to view on the websites of sing365 and A-Z Lyrics.

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Tim Spencer wrote the song. Red Ingle and Sons of The Pioneers recorded it.

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There is no country song with the lyrics "I got your shotgun, and it's ridin' shotgun." There are many country music songs which reference shotguns, however, such as Carrie Underwood's 2013 song "Cupid's Got a Shotgun."

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