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What country speaks Arabic?

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Arabic language is the official language in 22 Arabian countries, in North of Africa, South East Asia or what is called the Middle East.

examples: Egypt,Moroco,Syria,Jordan,Iraq...etc.

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Does the country Algarvia speak Arabic?

There is no such country as "Algarvia". Algeria is a country that speaks Arabic. Algarve is a city in Portugal, where Portuguese is spoken (not Arabic).

Why does Yemen speak Arabic?

Yemen mainly speaks Arabic because it's an Arab country.

Is Algeria a spanish speaking country?

No, Algeria speaks french and Arabic

What country is both Arabic and speak the Arabic language?

Palestine is Arabic and speaks the Arabic language. My family used to live there so I would know.

What north African nation south of Libya speaks French and Arabic?

Chad speaks French and Arabic.

What does Mohammed speaks?


What is the most important individual language in the middle east?

Arabic -- although each country speaks a different dialect.

How Indonesian speaks English?

The same Filipinos and Guamanians speaks Spanish or Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of what small country in the eastern end of the Mediterranean?

Either Lebanon or Israel. The Palestinian Territory of Gaza also speaks Arabic as an official language.

What country speaks the most languages in the Middle East?

Lebanon, they speak English, French,and Arabic then a weird combination of all of them.

What is the language that Egyptians speaks?

Egyptian arabic

Does Zayn Malik speak Arabic?

Yes he can speak Arabic. But he normally speaks English.

Does Iranian president Ahmadinejad speaks Arabic?

No, he only speaks Farsi, the language of Iran. However He is familiar with some words and phrases in Arabic, as most Iranians are.

What is the inverse of the statement 'if he speaks Arabic then he can act as an interpreter'?

Your sentence: If he speaks Arabic then he can act as an interpreter. Inverse: He can act as an interpreter if he speaks Arabic. Most Active version: Interpreters must speak Arabic. NOTE: Notice how switching the order in a sentence decreases wordiness. Active verb sentences are the least wordy.

A person who speaks the Arabic language is called?


Does Ibrahim Afellay speaks Arabic?

No, but he can speak Amazigh .

What country speaks Congolese?

I don't know, which country speaks american...-_-'

Person who speaks Arabic and follows the religion of Islam?


What country speaks Arabic and French?

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia were for a long time under French influence and it is quite common to find people understanding and speaking French in these countries, even though the official language is Arabic.

Who speaks farsi?

Farsi is the language of Iran. It is also called Persian.It is written with the Arabic alphabet, but it is not related to Arabic.

Is Arabic a state or country?

Arabic is a language. Arabia is a country.

Is Arabic spoken in Mali?

Some Arabic is spoken in Mali, simply because it borders on several countries that border the "Arab World" where Arabic is established as the language spoken. The majority of the country, however, speaks the native language Bambara and a certain percent still uses French.

What languages does Osama bin Laden speak?

He speaks Arabic and English.

What continent speaks Arabic?

Asia And Africa, because middle east is there.

What language does Karl wolf speak?

Karl wolf speaks Arabic