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What country sunk the lusitania?

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Germany in WWI

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Was the Lusitania sunk by Germany or Japan?

the Lusitania was sunk by Germany in 1915

Who sunk the lusitania?

A german U-Boat sunk the Lusitania because it was carrying ammunition to Britian, their enemy.

How many people died when the RMS Lusitania sunk?

1,198 people died when the RMS Lusitania sunk.

What is the difference between Titanic and Lusitania?

the Titanic was sunk because it struck an iceberg, and the Lusitania was sunk by a torpedo

Who was the lusitania sunk by?

It was sunk by a German U-Boat.

Who sunk the british liner lusitania in 1915?

German U-Boats sunk the Lusitania because the Lusitania may have held British war munitions.

What was the name of the British ship sunk by Germany?

Lusitania Lusitania

When was the Lusitania sunk?

The Lusitania was sunk May 7, 1915 when a German torpedo hit the British ocean liner.

Why did the united stats join world war 1?

Because Germany sunk the Lusitania Because Germany sunk the Lusitania

What year was the lusitania sunk?


What ship was sunk in ww1?

The Lusitania

Who was sunk by a German submarine?


What British ships were sunk by Germany?

The most famous ship sunk is the Lusitania.

Lusitania sunk by German submarine?


What date did britannic sank and titanic sank and lusitania sank?

Britannic was sunk on November 21st, 1916. Titanic sunk on April 15th, 1912. Lusitania was sunk on May 7, 1915.

What date was ship Lusitania sunk?

May 7, 1915. It sunk in eighteen minutes

Was the titanic hit by torpedoes?

No. Titanic was hit by an iceberg. Lusitania and Carpathia were sunk by torpedoes and Britannic was sunk by a mine.

Who sunk the Lusitania and why?

German U-Boats sunk the Lusitania because they didn't want any merchant ships delivering goods to Britain during WWI

What is the difference between Lusitania and USS Maine?

Lusitania was not a warship, it was actually sunk by enemy action, and civilians were on board. It was also sunk after a warning had been given.

What is a sentence for lusitania?

The Lusitania was a British ship which was sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915

Germany sunk the lusitania in which year?

it was definetly 1915

Who was the Millionaire on the Ship Lusitania when it Sunk?

J.P. Morgan

Where was the lusitania sunk?

Off the coast of Southern Ireland

What british liner was sunk in 1915?

RMS Lusitania

What day was the lusitania sunk?

May 7, 1915