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the most powerful country in 1900 was Britainin 1941/42 is was Germany

during the cold war it was a competition between the Soviet Union and the united states

and currently it is the united states

in the future japan could be the most powerful economically

china the most powerful military wise

as America is getting weaker than it once was (in massive amounts of debt, low education standars, terrible healthcare system ect)

As of 2010, the country that is most dominant culturally, militarily, and economically is the United States of America.

The cultural influence of America eclipses that even of ancient Rome, in that virtually all countries import or imitate significant American cultural aspects, from forms of government, to institutional design, to economic planning, to (perhaps the best known) media. Incorporation of American English into local languages also far eclipses any other language's influence. Perhaps the biggest indicator of the pervasive cultural influence of America is the very vocal and (in many places) organized resistance to American culture, the stridency of which is generally proportional to the amount of influence.

Militarily, the conventional forces of the United States far outweigh those of any other current nation. The combination of size, funding, technically advanced equipment, and institutional design have provided the US with a conventional armed force more dominant that perhaps any other since at least the Mongol Empire. However, this dominance is significantly degraded by the increasing proliferation of nuclear (and other mass-destruction) weaponry, and even by the movement away from conventional warfare to asymmetric and nontraditional warfare (guerrilla and cyber/economic warfare).

Economically, the United States still is the largest world economy, and possesses a top-10 per-capita income. It retains two of the top-5 financial centers of the world, and is both the largest importer and exporter of goods and services in the world. However, this dominance has significantly declined over the past 20 years; due to both domestic problems, and world-wide growth and re-alignment, the United States will likely very soon lose its status as the dominant economy. However, the likelihood is that no country will gain dominance as the US falls - instead, global trading blocks and associations look to be the dominant economic forces, rather than single nations.

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Q: What country was the most powerful at present?
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