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What courses are recommended in high school in preparation for a career in neurosurgery?


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Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Health, Nutrition, Physics, and Calculus.


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"If one is pursuing a career in medicine, one should focus on sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physics, and not computer sciences, unless the pursuit is for a career in the maintenance side of things, such as becoming a lab technician."

These are courses that prepare you for a professional career. They may include computer courses, courses on teaching, and even medical courses.

You should take reccomended courses so that you can excel at what you are good at. It is to ensure that you can gain a great career rather then spend your life away doing pointless classes that will not help you later on in life.

For a career in chemical engineering one should consider courses in chemistry and biology. After that courses to take include business and management and biotechnology.

Professional courses are classes taken to help career development. These courses teach you how to do a better job working.

There is a long list of job oriented correspondence courses. It is better to pick a career then look online to find a school that offers correspondence courses for that career.

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Yes, the Naturopathy courses will provide you with the right platform as far as career in natural medicine is concerned.

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Humanities courses, online or in a traditional classroom environmnt, do not prepare you for any career. Humanities are considered part of a well-rounded, balanced education, which is why they are included in Associate and Bachelor degree programs. Even medical and dental school program include humanities courses. A full degree in humanities could support a career plan as a educator, writer, historian, linguist,etc., all which often require a graduate degree. Taking humanities courses via distance learning won't prepare you for a specific career, but they will help prepare you for almost every career. Unless you are planning on going into a specific field in humanities (i.e., philosophy, religion, art), these courses will provide a wealth of general knowledge and basic foundation for other studies and work. A degree in humanities or any of its disciplines is good preparation for law school, work in political science (politics), and many other careers. Studying humanities broadly as preparation for the w

Answer- There are a lot of courses in different discipline that one can do for a bright career. In present scenario you can get highest career growth in Health care and computer science/ IT field. As per your interest you can do either computer course or heath care course for excellent career today.

Some of the courses required for a career in computer drafting include advanced architectural computer-aided drafting, animation and visualization, and Civil CAD.

There are courses you can take in college for this career, but there are also individual organizations and outside classes that are made specifically for this career path. These organizations consist or programs and training.

For a career in computers or information sciences, it is best to have a solid background in mathematics. It will help you understand the basics of programming and the way data is processed and controlled. Take as many math courses as possible to get solid preparation.

If you are looking at neuroscience as a career, study math and science courses such as chemistry and calculus.

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Tax preparation is a wonderfully rewarding career that many people enjoy. But becoming one of these professionals takes a decent amount of skill and a little bit of schooling. Thankfully, there are specialty tax preparation colleges and courses out there that you can go to in order to learn the trade. In most cases, these courses will only take you a few months, in which time you will be able to learn everything there is to know about taxes and how to file them for clients. You will also love the feeling that can be achieved when doing all of your own taxes yourself.

Answer- There are various levels of computer programming courses conducted by computer schools. As per your career goals you can do diploma, associate, bachelor or master degree courses in computer programming.

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