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GILL COVERS, cover the gills of a fish. A gill cover is a flap that protects the gills.

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What is the covering over the gills of a fish?

In bony fish, the operculum covers the gills.

What covers all bony fish?


An operculus covers which body part of a bony fish?

the gills

What protects a gill on a fish?

the gill operculum covers and protects the gills.

Where the gills on the perch fish?

Behind the flap of skin that covers them, it is also above the heart.

Fish have what instead of lungs?

Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath. Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath.

Do hag fish have gills?

all fish have gills

Does a sea star have gills?

a sea star does not have gills for it is not a fish only fish have gills

Do fish have gills?

Yes, fish have gills. YES FISH HAVE GILLS the gills are used for the output(takeing the water away) of water after the fish has extracted(picked out) the oxegyn from the water.

Do cod fish have gills?

Yes, all fish have gills.

Do fighter fish have gills?

yes all fish have gills.

Do siames fitghing fish have gills?

All fish have gills. Their gills are like lungs. And if they didn't have gills they would die.

What does gills of a fish do to help the fish?

Gills of the fish help it breath under water.

Do fish have lungs or gills?


What is the Classifications of a fish?

They have gills They have gills

Do fish have gills then lungs?


How do fish gills get oxygen?

When fish surface they breathe in air from their gills.

What covering protects the gills on a fish?

the operculum protects the gills on a fish.

What does gills help fish do?

Fish use gills to extract oxygen from the water passing over the gills.

Do parrots have gills?

No. No birds have gills. Only fish have gills.

Why can't fish with gills go to sleep?

Fish can sleep...and btw all fish have gills

What are fish gills?

Fish breathe with gills. Oxegen is in water. They breathe it in through their gills. They breathe it out through their mouth.

What do fish breathe with?

Fish have gills, as they swim water passes over the gills and extract oxygen from the water.

Are penguins related to fish?

No a penguin is a bird a fish have gills do penguins have gills? NO

How does a fish such as a salmon breathe?

Fish breath with gills. The gills are like lungs.

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