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What did the mohawk clan wear?

colorful items such as feathers, hides of animals (they sometimes painted the hides for celebrations too).

What is about frog?

It is something that hides under your covers and eats your feet at 3:00 am, in the morning.

Are there spiders in bananas?

Actually, no but the banana spider hides in them sometimes

What are plains Indians clothing made of?

Animal Hides Mainly made from Bufflo,Deer,and sometimes Bear

What was gladiator armor made of?

sometimes metal like bronze or iron, or sometimes boiled leather, usually studded, animal hides, usually lion hide...

What is playing hide and seek under the covers mean?

"Hide and seek" is a childrens' game where everyone hides and one person tries to find the others. If you do this under the covers, you're doing it in a bed, so it would be a sexual game.

What does Native American art tell you?

Native American art brings out the soul and opens it wide from the paintings on hides to the baskets all is the most amazing art work.

According to Muhammad and the Quran who are the infidels?

according to Islam infidel is who knows the truth but covers and hides it from people to people do not know it. Arabic word for infidel is کافر that literally means farmer. it is called farmer because farmer covers on the seed and infidel covers on the truth. this is meaning of infidel in Islam

How can you use the word hides in a sentence?

The boy hides under the table.These hides will be used to make leather.

In the princess protection program who protects Rosie?

Carter's (selena) dad (Major Mason) works for the princess protection program ppp and he protects rosie (demi) he brings her to where he lives, he hides her there.

What Hides used to make leather?

Buffalo Hides

What is buffalo hides?

Buffalo hides are the skin from buffalo.

One who prepares hides?

A tanner prepares hides.

Where does alex russo hides her wand?

she hides it in her boots.

What type of verb is hides?

hides is a linking verb

When was Jack Hides born?

Jack Hides was born in 1906.

When did Jack Hides die?

Jack Hides died in 1938.

What are leather hides?

Leather hides are the skin straight off the animal.

How much do raccoon hides cost?

Raccoon hides aren’t sold.

What is the number you put in front of a number for a private call?

*67 but it dose not always hide ur number sometimes it only hides ur name!

What is the name of a movie about a man who hides in the walls?

A film where a bloke hides in the wall

What was the clothing made out of for the southwest Indians?

buffalo hides or other animal hides

What is the clue that Dan hides in his pants?

He hides the sheet of music that was wrapping the bottle

What do you call someone who hides things?

A person who hides things may be called sneaky. An urban word for people who hides things may be shady.

What are the raccoons' hides used for?

First of all, raccoon hides are a protective covering for the raccoon. Man has used the hides and fur for producing coats and hats.