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What created the universe?

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Creator of the UniverseThe big bang theory. Unexpecting WorldMany religions believe that God revealed the universe, or the Big Bang had some previous releases of matter.

Gods creation (THE UNIVERSE)is unto a picture, it has similarities and patterns. It is as a picture painted by an artist. One looks upon paintings of different artists and can see these similarities and patterns, which tells the trained eye, it was painted by the same artist.In this case of the universe, God is the artist.

Man seeing these patterns, and not willing to accept them as gods, uses the evolution to explain them. Otherwise the question where these patterns came from would remain unanswered, omitting god.

Therefore seeing these patterns and not being able to explain them, keeping god out of the picture, He uses evolution , as mans answer.

But an artist does not have to repaint picture one to get picture two, yet man seeing these patterns, and not accepting creation, states picture one evolved into picture two, to make the answer acceptable within the laws of the universe.

Another example, lets take the word nature.It is used as mans way to replace god. Rules and regulations that govern the universe, that man in all his knowledge cannot change or even can understand. If this is so, knowing a power greater then we exists, and controls these laws and regulations, its the proof of a living god.

More proof of this, Enstein, his theories proven, Matter per say, in our knowledge, cannot be created or destroyed. Matter can be converted to energy, and energy into matter, but the total amount of matter and energy in the universe remains the same.

If you take a match,and burn it, and were able to capture the light, heat, smoke, and ash, it would equal what you started with. Knowing this and looking to Enstein E=mc2.

Energy=matter X speed of light squared.This equation E=MC2,is used to measure the energy formed when matter is converted into energy. It proves a creation or start. This is proven in the making of the A and H bombs.This proven fact shows matter cannot be destroyed only changed or converted in mans knowledge, according to the rules as ser forth by god for man.

Using plutonium to make a bomb,the splitting of this atom to make 2 other atoms of lesser atomic weight, the difference converted into energy according to e=mc2.

Using heavy hydrogen and fusion, two heavy hydrogen atoms (H2) into helium (H3), we make the h bomb, the lost proton converted into engery according to e=mc2.

If this is proven, and man measures quantums of energy and matter, how can we state as we do, that is, those not believing in creation and god, the beginning just came into being, and evolution took care of the rest.

If you take the smallest breakdown of an atom, it is as complex as man himself.

How can one accept all matter and energy was there at the beginning. We in our knowledge know man cannot create or destroy matter.The big bang theory for the universe therefore is wrong. Where did the matter come from, that exploded.

Now that we have proven that man and so called evolution did not cause what is, to exist. This is what happened. God created matter, and created energy or light.

The Bible states in the beginning god made the heavens and the earth, and he said let there be light. Therefore a creation occurred, and this universe is gods handywork, and we are the product of his creation . What came first is unimportant, for if one has the knowledge to create matter, one can create energy since they are interchangeable. He does not need one to change into the other,as man does, only man is bound by gods rules, god is not. He created these rules.The universe and Man are bound by these laws,proof of a living god. Man cannot restrict gods creation and power.

AnswerThere is an emerging collection of theories called "Membrane Theory". There are certain properties of gravity that are difficult to explain. As it turns out, these properties can easily be explained if we fit it mathematically into the current 11-dimension structure theorized for the universe. We know that there are many dimensions beyond the obvious 3, and that they exist at very small scale on the quantum level. This structure has given rise to Membrane Theory, which holds that our universe is actually a membrane in the 11th dimension. It is theorized that possibly, our universe came into being as a result of the collision of two already existing membranes in the 11th dimension. The collision was in effect our Big Bang. This theory opens up wonderful possibilities about all kinds of things happening before our humdrum Big Bang. From a Buddhist Perspective:The Big Bang Theory is posited by an array of qualified scientists upon discovery based around "theoretical" approaches in physics. It certainly has plausibility considering it's such a talked about phenomenon between scientists and people of religious backround. In the grand scheme of things the universe is comprised of matter and energy. If we were to to break down matter to it's most infintesimal form one would encounter particles introducing the concept of quantum mechanics. The principles of quantum mechanics evolve around the concept that particles move freely under any given situation, meaning one cannot measure or perhaps predict the movement of a particle under any given circumstance insofar as saying the most intricate mathematical equation could only posit probability not predictability. Therefore if man can't even predict the movement of a particle how is it possible to predict the formation of an entire universe? Questions such as What caused the "Big Bang Theory"? What occurred before the "Big Bang Theory" certainly are important questions that hold merit yet science for the most part without generalizing turns it's cheek to answer such relevant questions pertaining to the formation of the universe. I feel the right approach to solving these metaphysical questions starts with an open dialouge between scientists and spiritualists. Speaking on behalf of Buddhists and Hindus we're more than happy to discuss these very issues with secularists the only problem is secularists without generalizing, but based upon my own personal experiences communicating with them are closed-off from even considering such a topic of discussion.
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Different people will give different answers. Here is a religious view:

God created the universe. The tradition of Creation by God goes all the way back to the first man, passed down in an uninterrupted chain of teachers and disciples, and recorded in the Torah by Moses (Deuteronomy 31:24) at God's dictation (Exodus 24:12).

Evolution is fraught with difficulties and it remains in fact a theory, open to dispute by people who choose not to ignore its problems. It can neither be proven nor demonstrated in the lab (in its broader sense of giving rise to new organs or species). Those wishing to look for further evidence may find these links useful:Is there evidence against Evolution

Can you show that God exists

God's wisdom seen in His creations

Discovering Creation

Understanding Creation

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Different religions have different explanations for what created the universe, and how, but what they all have in common is that they rely on faith to believe that explanation.

A scientific theory is defined as an explanation that fits all the known facts. In this way scientific theories are very different from what lay people call theories. Having said that, the scientific theory for the creation of the universe is that it began 13.7 billion years ago, with an event popularly known as the'Big Bang'. In fact, in the infinity of space and time, a scientific hypothesis consistent with the 'Big Bang' (but still only a hypothesis) is that there is a multitude of universes like ours, collectively known as the 'multiverse'.

Of course, the scientific explanation says that the stars are far larger and older than our earth, a readily observed fact. The explanation in Genesis chapter 1 says that the sun, moon and stars are at least a few days younger than the earth. Both can not be correct.

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