What creature is abracadabra?

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Abracadabra is indeed not a creature. It is a nonsense word used in magic tricks.
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What is the origin of the word 'abracadabra'?

Here are some answers from the community. All are untrue, and mostare folk etymologies: . Spanish :) . it comes from the roman language . It has its origins in the Aramaic language, in which 'ibra'means 'I have created' and 'K'dibra' means 'through my speech' fromwhich the word Abracadabra is ( Full Answer )

What creature are plankton?

Plankton refers to any drifting organism that inhabits oceans, seas, or bodies of fresh water. It is a description of life-style rather than a genetic classification. They are widely considered to be some of the most important organisms on Earth, due to the food supply they provide to most aquatic l ( Full Answer )

What is creature alliteration?

It is a form of poem. An creature alliteration is where u make up a 'animal.' For example the animal can be named... well... u basically just make up a name!. So it is sorta like a tongue twister.

How do you spell creature?

You may want to know how you spell creature?. You spell it like this... Creature. Sounded (creecher). xx

Where does the word 'abracadabra' come from?

It seems to come from the Aramaic language, in which ibra (אברא) means "I have created" and k'dibra (כדברא) which means "through my speech". So "abracadabra" would mean "created as I speak," which is how it is used by magicians.

What are the creatures in creature breeder?

In CreatureBreeder there are 7 types of creatures, since as of now there has been a new one added to the list. They are; -ChatterChimps -BrumbleBears -Beaklings -TurtleTots -FuzzCubs -FairyFrog -ScuttleBugs

In creature swamp how do you hunt creatures?

You click on Hunt a Critter and then click the pets that show on that page, there are 30 each time I believe. Finding the hunted creature is completely random, you may find it on the 10th click, or on the 1000th click, there's no way of knowing. Just click continue hunting after you've clicked each ( Full Answer )

How do you get creatures from the wild on creature breeder?

well u walk around left right left right left diagonal right and you should find some red mushroom click them and walk foward a bit u should get a rare creature if its the rght time of day p.s my accout is rainlily99 and i accecpt all bredin propsals.

Where did the word abracadabra originate?

It is a word considered to have mystical powers derived from a Greek word Abraxus, relating to a name for a supreme God and therefore a word of power.

What creature is Otis?

Otis is a community which has work of finding mythic creatures.it is the unexpanded form of Odd Things I've Seen

Is god a creature?

God is everything around you and is in everything around you! My religion views god as a man just as we are, but in a perfected state. Other religions view god as othere things... im not exactly sure... youd have to study up on different religios views ______________ Believers and non-belie ( Full Answer )

What creatures have DNA?

Your mom. And everything else too. Except for some viruses, but some viruses have DNA too. Just like your mom.also dogs so cats and probably lamps and other

What creatures is in Pandora?

Pandora was the first woman made from all the gods, each giving her a unique gift (Pandora means all gifts). She opened out of curiosity the pandora's box (it was actually a jar greek: πύθος) where all the evils of the world were. Sickness, agony, toil, etc and also hope.

What are the creatures from primeval?

Here's a list (Note that some are from the future and therefore made up) Series One: Gorgonopsid, Coelurosauravus, Scutosaurus, Arthropleura, Mesathelae, Mosasaurus, Hespironis, Dodo, Cestoid Parasite, Pteranodon, Anurognathus, Future Predator. Series Two: Deinonychus, Coelurosauravus, Pteranodon, P ( Full Answer )

What did treena look like in Scooby Doo abracadabra-doo?

treena is not in scooby doo abracadabra doo. But there is a girl named crystal who Fred makes googoo eyes over. Thsi leads daphen to major madness so she tries to impresss Fred. Edit: Treena is in Scooby Doo: Abracadabra Doo. She is in the very beginning, with the boy in the woods. She has large ( Full Answer )

What are the creatures in your backyard?

There are many different creatures depending on where you live, please if you have a question like this type in something like what type of creatures would i see in my back yard if i live in Rhode island so some one can give you a more accurate answer

Is a 'Wobblin' a creature?

No, but there IS an International Order of Wobblin' Possums headquartered in Scotland, Indiana, USA.

Which is the best creature?

lots such as faithful like dogs cuute cats calm lizards depends on what you like

Are people creatures?

The word creature is derived from the Latin word creatus that was used during the late 14th century. The root in all of its forms, implies creation or animation. It can be roughly used to describe anything living, including humans.

How do you age your creature breeder creature?

Creatures turn to adolescents when they age about one day, and become adults at the age of five days. Creatures live forever, and can be turned back into adults after becoming oldies by using a Fleeting Youth Potion which can be bought in the store for approxamently 1000FBs. I find the Fleeting ( Full Answer )

Are there metaphysical creatures?

No. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the first causes. It has been erroneously thought to be synonymous with "occult" or "magic" but is almost completely unrelated. There are mythological and magical creatures (if you believe in such things) but no such thing as a ( Full Answer )

Who is the girl in the video Abracadabra sung by Steve Miller Band?

The beautiful blonde girl who appears at the beginning of the videoand recurs throughout was a model, actress and artist. She was 15at the time the video was made in 1981 (though it aired on MTV in'82). The production company for the video was Homer &Associates. I know the actress but am not permitt ( Full Answer )

What is a creature on Fantage?

A creature is a little animal that you can buy at the creature shop. When you go in the portol at the creature arena you will be that animal.

Which creatures are Ungulates?

A hoofed animal is called ungulate .Ungulates include horse, zebra, donkey, hippo, goat, moose, antelope and gazelles , deer etc . There are two orders of Ungulates, those having an even number of toes as deer and goat and and those having an odd number of toes as horse .

What creature is an ungulate?

An ungulate is any animal with hooves instead of paws or feet. Examples are antelope, deer, horses, cows, jerafas, ect...

Which creature is not an autotroph?

an organism that is not able to form nutritional organic substances from simple inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide

How are the creatures in the sea?

some animals can't breath air they bring in very little air with their gills but if they go up on land they could dry out and die

Is a creature a noun?

Yes, word 'creature' is a noun ; a word for a person, animalor other being, real or fictional; a word for a person or a thing.

Who are the Creatures from YouTube?

The Creatures are a group of Youtubers consisting of 8 members: -Kootra (Jordan) -GassyMexican (Max) -ZeRoyalViking (Steven) -xXSlyFoxHoundXx (Eddie) -DanzNewzMachinima (Dan) -SSoHPKC (Seamus) -UberHaxorNova (James) -Sp00nerism (Nick) These Youtubers play videogames and provide commentary. Their m ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in abracadabra - 2001?

The cast of abracadabra - 2001 includes: Peter Berkrot Jennifer Blaire Kevin Chapman Terry Conforti as Jeep Girl Driver Shelia Ferreni John Fiore Reed Frerichs Joey Gironda Jo Jo Salami Don Krivitsky Desiree Luccio Nino Pepicelli Darrin Reed as Cop

What actors and actresses appeared in Abracadabra - 1952?

The cast of Abracadabra - 1952 includes: Riccardo Antolini Silvio Bagolini as Il signore balbuziente Riccardo Billi as Antonio Marcella Contini Bruno Corelli as Il Decio Nyta Dover as Lucia Clely Fiamma as Antonietta Simona Gori as Maria Guglielmo Inglese as Nicola Caiazzo Lilia Landi as Carmela Rin ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Abracadabra - 1993?

The cast of Abracadabra - 1993 includes: Angelo Bison as Prisonnier Catherine Claeys as Cliente Roland De Pauw as Client Harold Geens as Little Phil Basilo Gendron Dany Geys as Gardien 1 Boris Humblet as Little Chris Sandrine Laroche Jacques Lefebvre as Gardien 2 Bernard Lepinaux as Inpector Sabrina ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Xuxa Abracadabra - 2003?

The cast of Xuxa Abracadabra - 2003 includes: Luciana Andrade as herself Kayky Brito as Gato de Botas Talita Castro as Branca de Neve Tom Cavalcante as Narrador Marcio Garcia as Matheus Karin Hils as herself Debby Lagranha as Chapeuzinho Vermelho Bruna Marquezine as Maria Lissah Martins as herself X ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for Abracadabra - 1970?

Abracadabra - 1970 was released on: Czechoslovakia: 1970 (Prix Danube Festival) France: 1970 (Annecy International Animation Festival) France: 23 September 1992 USA: 1 November 2004 (DVD premiere)

Are abracadabra and avada kedavra opposites?

Yes, they are opposites, or antonyms. The word abracadabra means "I will create as I speak". Meanwhile the word avada kedavra means "I will destroy as I speak".