What credit counseling business would you reccommend for debt consolidation in Fresno, CA?

People who are thinking about debt consolidation are doing so because they don't have enough money to pay their bills. Debt consolidation services take about 20% of your monthly income as a fee for the debt consolidation. Considering that the indebtedness has created a "no money" situation, how wise is it to pay out more of what you already don't have enough of? That said, be careful. First of all, go to the library and check out a copy of "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey has a renown program for getting oneself out of debt. It takes time, but it's more than do-able. Second, if you belong to a large church, find out if your church has a credit counseling service (which would be free). As a last resort, research debt consolidation programs. Keep in mind that the "counselors" are salespeople who get a commission for getting you to sign a contract. They are barely trained and have no vested interest in the resolution of your debt. Many, many debt consolidation services have filed bankruptcy and/or been s