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In order to get cell phone service, your credit score must be above 500 and you cannot be associated with more than two (2) addresses and any other cell phones.

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Q: What credit score do you need to get cell phone service?
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How do cell phone credit checks affect a credit score?

any time your credit is run it can lower your credit score. I see also more 30 day lates reported by these companies and it is impossible to remove them once they are on. I would almost rather get a pre paid.

Can you get a credit score of 1200?

I opened a letter from Sprint seconds ago. They claim that is my score, and why they approved me for a cell phone plan.

Does canceling a cell phone contract early but paying the associated fees damage your credit score?

Since cell phones do absolutly nothing to build your credit score, as long as you don't let an outstanding balance go into collections, cancelling your contract will not effect your credit score.

Is there cell phone service on the moon?

there is no cell phone service on the moon because there is no cell phone tower.

How would I make a gift out of a month's cell phone service?

You can call their cell phone company and have them bill their next bill with your credit card. The easiest way to do this would either be online or with customer service.

How do you get a cell phone with a poor credit score?

Criteria for getting a cell phone is much more relaxed than requirements for something like a mortgage or car loan. Many companies issue phones regardless of your credit score. If the company rejects your application then consider a pre-paid or pay-by-use phone. They can be obtained at many stores & gas stations and require no credit check.

How can a person get free cell phone service?

How can a person get free cell phone service?

Will paying your cellular phone bills on time have any effect on your credit rating?

yes, if the company reports to the credit bureaus. You may want to contact your cell phone customer service and ask whether they report your credit with them.

Do credit scores effect cell phone plans?

If you are looking to get a cell phone plan, having poor credit may require the cell phone company to collect an upfront deposit from you. Not paying your cell phone bill on time will go on your credit report with unsatisfactory results. However, always paying your cell phone bill, and always paying it on time will not get reported to the credit bureaus; and thus will not positively affect your credit.

Do cell phone boosters help with poor cell phone service?

Cell phone network extenders can be a wonderful way to improve your cell phone service. They are easy to install and are an affordable option if you do not wish to change your service provider.

Who can i contact to unlock a cell phone?

your cell phone service

Is it important to have home phone service if you have a cell phone?

You do not need to have home phone service if you have a cell phone. However, a home phone is a good back up to have in case your cell phone stops working.

There was a collection from a cell phone co. on your credit report from 2002 this month it was gone and your score was up what does this mean?

That means that the collection is gone and your score has gone up. *wonders if this was a trick question*

How do you raise your credit score without credit cards?

You have to have active accounts in order to have a credit score. Your credit score can reflect your payments history on installment loans. Pay whatever accounts you have in a timely manner. Control and limit inquiries. Stay away from finance companies. Your score will not be as high as someone who has revolving credit accounts and manages them well. But you will have a score that reflects how you manage the credit you do have. If you have a mortgage, car payment, school loans, and sometimes even cell phone or utility bills that you pay on time, that will raise your credit score.

What is meant by cell phone service?

The phrase "cell phone service" refers to a cell phone's ability to make a call or access the internet from diverse locations. If you are out of the service area for a particular cell phone's carrier, you will not be able to make a call or access the internet.

Where can I go to get my cell phone unlocked for cheap?

When your cell phone is unlocked, you can use it with any service provider's network. The original service provider will have to unlock the cell phone for you.

Who are some of the best bad credit cell phone providers?

Several cell phone providers provide service to those with bad credit. Some of the best examples include T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cricket. They usually provide a spending limit of around $150.

If your cell phone from ATT is broken you have a free phone upgrade credit available on another phone on this plan Can you use this credit to replace your phone vs the other phone?

yes,you should be able to ge another phone and not your old phone. If they say no then you go to costomer service! I have done this before, my old cell broke and i got a COOL new one + you probably should get a warrenty before you turn in your old broken phone for the new one. Then you would have better luck if your service doesn't coprate! Even if your service does i still would recomend doing that.

Is there any company that guarantees cell phone service in the subway?

There is no company at present which guarantees cell phone service in the subway at present. The MTA is looking for cell phone providers to bid on developing a cell phone system in the subways.

how to get cell phone card for your cell phone?

Go to your local phone service store in your town. Ask them if you can get a cell phone card for your cell phone. They should be able to answer your question.

Does your carrier offer cell phone internet service?

If you have Verizon landline, then yes they offer cell phone internet service.

Does Vontage provide good cell phone service?

Vontage phone company is a great cell phone company. They are one of the leading companies that deals with the cell phone service. One of the top ranking companies.

How do you get cell service?

you go to your phone place and get the service.

How can you qualify for cheap cell phone contract deals?

It is possible for you to qualify for cheap cell phone contract deals by getting in contact with a reputable provider and submitting your details with them. You could also try and improve your credit score in order to boost the probability of successfully qualifying for cheap cell phone contract deals.

Cell Phone Booster?

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