What crip colors do 52 Hoover crips wear?

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52 hoover gangstaz wear blue,orange,and sometimes green...they also wear houston astros hats because of the colors,the 5 point star,and the H..for hoover...52 hoover is one of the few hoover sets that still claim to be part of the crips...hoover sets go from 50 to 100...other hoover sets colors may include purple or black...but ALWAYS wear orange...its the main hoover criminal color for all sets.
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Who are the Crips?

The Crips are a gang based in California most gangs in that area are familiar with West Side Mafia a crip gang well-known throught L.A and San Fransicocrips are known by their blue flag on some part of their body they are also known for burning red flags which represent the blood colors and most of ( Full Answer )

What are crips?

Crips are an old gang that represents the blue flag and like other gangs are dangerous.

What are the crips?

Well c^rips. is a gang that was started by a man called Tookie Williams, the gang was started a Long while back and has been a round for a good while. and the argument between bloods and c^rips has many stories, But see the real thing behind it is that the gangs that have been around have been aro ( Full Answer )

What is a crip?

The Crips where a black gang. Originated by Raymond Washington ( not tookie Williams like most think) that was created in early to mid 1970 in south L.A: South central, Compton and all the surrounding areas. Its really not a gang it self; its more of a brand name that smaller gangs decide to take, l ( Full Answer )

Is there hoover crips in seattle?

yea cuzz..there are cripz everywher..i used to bkang with cripz. yea cuzz..there are cripz everywher..i used to bkang with cripz

Who is a crip?

they are primarily a gang and theyre one of the largest, most violent in the u.s theyre main colors blue= crips they hate bitches who are bloods crip all dae!! F da bloods!! C.G for lyfe kill a blood when i see i blood! EFF THE BLOODS fucc them slobs

What are all the crip colors?

blue, gray, blacc, orange, purple, yellow...the colors have meaning to them depending on gang and set. for example, Grape St. Crips wear purple rags (for grape st.) heavy...Criminal Crips wear orange (meaning criminal) rags... . chuuch

Who created the crips?

a guy named shelton quarels in 1876. he and a group of friends were sick and tired of racial discrimination and formed a group called the people defenders. in 1935 someone coined the term crips for all the violence the pd's caused and sending people to their krypts.

How many Crips are there?

im guessing youre talking about the Gang? The name Crip is short for "crippled." There was a young black boy that walked with a limp in Los Angeles CA, jokingly, others called him Crip. This somehow formed into a gang, these gang members were all over CA, they split them up into different gangs but ( Full Answer )

What are crip colors?

Every gang in the Crip Alliance wears the color blue, however every Crip set is different and some pick up a secondary color..... Fudge Town Mafia Crips(Blue & Brown) Gardena Shot Gun Crips(Blue & Green) Hoover Criminals(Blue & Orange)

Is drdre crip?

Dr. Dre doesn't gang bang....the list below are rappers who are affiliated with Crips: Snoop Dogg(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crip) Nipsey Hussle(Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crip) Jeezy(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crip) Bleu Davinci(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crip) Dolla(Mansfield Gangster Crip) The Notorious ( Full Answer )

How do you get in crips?

as in the gang ? wow , not much of a question but you cant just go in and out like a burger joint. once youre in a gang , youre in it for life. & you have to be asked. as for initiation the last i heard of it was that women tend to get raped by every male member of the group while males are beaten t ( Full Answer )

What are the crip colors?

Traditional Crip colors are Blue . And due to their primary rival gang the Bloods they have an animosity toward anyone "flashing colors" or rival gang signs

What colors do crips wear?

Blue.Each and every crip set,except for grape street crips in watts (purple),wears blue. also insane crips were gray bandanas and naybkorhkood crips were yellow rest are black cyan brown and its mostly BLUE . blue and gray

Why do crips wear blue?

One reason Crips wear blue is cause most of the original members went to Washington High School in South LA & one of their school colors is blue. Another reason is cause one of the original members used to wear a blue bandanna on the left side of his back pocket as a fashion statement & when he died ( Full Answer )

What color westside crips wear?

There is no such Crip set as the westside Crips. The Crips gang was created on the West Side aka the West Coast aka California, in Los Angeles. But as far as a Crip set called the westside Crips that doesn't exist. However, all Crip sets wear the color blue, there are some Crip sets who wear a se ( Full Answer )

Do crips wear yellow?

not reguar crips only a crip gang that was started by someone that doesnt know about the rite gang im one of the reguar crips and we only where blue

Who the crips?

the crips are a gang that are in the area of LA which are the enemies of the bloods.

What is the colors for a crip gang?

All Crip sets wear the color blue. However each Crip set many wear a secondary color. Black Mafia Family Crips(wear black & blue) Latin Mafia Familia Crips(wear brown & black) Fudge Town Mafia Crips(wear brown & black) Grape Street Watts Crips(wear purple & blue) 5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips( ( Full Answer )

What is a Five Deuce Hoover Crip?

5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crip is a Crip set in the Crip Alliance under the Gangster Crip set. They are not the same as the Hoover Criminals gang.

What crip set wears yellow?

Most Crip sets wear blue. Some people believe the origin of the color is from the school colors of Washington High School in South L.A. The Grape Street Crips, on the other hand, have been known to wear purple in addition to blue. The Shotgun Crips are in Gardena, California and have been known to w ( Full Answer )

Are 83 gangster crips and 83 Hoover criminals the same?

Eight Trey Gangster Crips are not the same as Eight Trey Hoover Criminals Vermont Ave splits the two set the latter being ETH prides itself on separations from all things crip related and is a bonafide blood killer and crip killer set. The Hoover Criminal Gang's were once Crips, the word "Hoover" c ( Full Answer )

What is 52 hoova crip?

52 Hoover Gangster Crips are a Crip set under the Crip Alliance. They're the only Hoover gang to still claim Crip.

Can a crip wear red?

No, if a Crip wears red he "violates". If he wears red he could get killed by his own set of Crips because they'll think he's a Blood. Same way with Bloods, they can't wear blue. They can wear a lil bit of red. like dots of red u know they cant be dress fully red. they can have lot of blue on with ( Full Answer )

What shade of blue do crips wear?

Usually, any color blue. Blue jeans are fine, but they steer towards BLUE blue. Electric blue and teal blue are least common. At least thats what I learned. :P

Is tyga a crip?

Yes tyga is a crip if u need proof u can listen to his well done mixtape and other songs so if other ppl say he a blood they dont kno wat they hell they r talkin about.

What is the crip handshake?

A secret handshake done among other Crips to determine what set or hood ur from or if ur even an official Crip to begin with. *I would suggest u DON'T do this handshake unless ur a Crip cause Crips just like any other gang HATE false claimers.

Where is crip city?

Crips are a gang that started in Los Angeles Cali in the 1960's. Their founders are Raymond Washington & Stanley Tookie Williams. *So the Motherland or Crip City is Los Angeles California. But u can be a real Crip outside of Cali u just have to have a Cali connect to real Crips from Cali.

Is icecube a crip?

Ice Cube is a member of the Crip set called the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips....Below is a list of other Crip Rappers....... Snoop Dogg(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crips) Nipsey Hussle(Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips) Nate Dogg(Rollin 20's Neighborhood Crips) Eazy-E(Kelly Park Compton Crips) Lil Eazy ( Full Answer )

Is there a crip language?

Not really, accept sometimes Crips will refrain from using the letters B or P and replace them with a C. They don't like the letters B or P because they stand for bloods & pirus which are their biggest enemies. Crips refer to each other as Cuz & Loc, they call each other Cuz cause it stands for cous ( Full Answer )

Why do crips wear their on the left?

The Crips gang wearing their bandana to the left dates back to the 60's, when the Crips were getting started. There was a Crip named Curtis Morrow aka Buddha who used to walk around wearing a blue bandana on the back side of his left pocket, he wore it for fashion. When Buddha died the Crips carried ( Full Answer )

Do any crips wear red?

Yeah, Crips are allowed to wear the color red, just as the Bloods are allowed to wear the color blue. The only rule is that Crips are NOT allowed to wear a red bandana & Bloods are NOT allowed to wear a blue bandana, but as far as a Crip wearing red shirt, shoes, pants or whatever, yeah Crips are al ( Full Answer )

What are The colors of the bloods and crips in detail?

The Bloods are a gang under the Blood Alliance, they wear the color red. Other gangs under the Blood Alliance include the Pirus, and the Brims. The Brims wear red and white, and the Pirus wear burgandy(which is a darker shade of red). The Crips are a gang under the Crip Alliance, they wear the col ( Full Answer )

How big are the crips?

The Crips are a very large gang, they're all over the states in different cities.

Do some hoover crips wear their rags do the right?

All Crip sets wear their rags to the left side. All Blood sets wear their rags to the right side. SIDE NOTES: Many people think that the Crips gang are in the Folk Nation, they are NOT, the Crips gang is in the Crip Alliance. Folk Nation gangs wear to the right, Crips gang wear their rags to the ( Full Answer )

Do crips always wear blue?

Crips don't have to dress in blue from head to toe, they can wear any color they want(including the color red that their rivals the Bloods wear). However they are NOT allowed to wear a red bandana, but other than that Crips can wear any color shirt, pants, shoes, or hats that they want. ALL Cri ( Full Answer )

Is the color blue a crip?

Yes the Crips wear the color blue, but they're not the only gang that wears blue, the Folk Nation as well as gangs under the Mexican Mafia also wear blue. Even though all these gangs wear blue they are all completely different gangs and have nothing to do with each other.

What does the color purple mean for crips?

Not all Crips wear purple, the only Crip set to wear the color purple are the Grape Street Watts Crips. The Grape Street Watts Crips wear the color purple because their street name is Grape Street & grapes are purple so therefore they wear purple and the traiditional color blue to show Crip affili ( Full Answer )

Do the crips have a website?

With all the net bangers out there in the world I wouldn't be surprised if the Crips had a website, but seriously it wouldn't be wise for a real Crip to have a website because they would be discussing information that cops could easily get access to.

Crip beads colors?

Ur confusing Crips with the Folk Nation(which they are not and have nothing to do with them). The Folk & People Nation from Chicago started that whole bead wearing thing & Crips started in Cali where they ain't really pushing the wearing of beads they weard bandanas. I mean u can wear the beads if u ( Full Answer )

What color does 83 Hoovers crips wear?

All Hoover Crip sets wear the colors blue & orange. SIDE NOTES: MOST, Hoover sets have flipped from the Hoover Crips to the Hoover Criminals. The only Hoover Crip set left is the 5 Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips.

Do some crips wear black?

All Crip sets wear the color blue, but some Crip sets wear a secondary color. Black Mafia Family Crips(wear the colors blue & BLACK) South Side Compton Crips(wear the colors blue & BLACK) East Side Long Beach Rollin 20's Crips(wear the colors blue, gold, and BLACK)

Do crips wear the color black?

The Crips main color is blue, but some sets pick up a secondary color for example..... South Side Compton Crips wear the colors blue & black. Grape Street Watts Crips wear the colors blue & purple. Fudge Town Mafia Crips wear the colors blue & brown. East Side Long Beach Rollin 20's Crips wear ( Full Answer )

What does crip mean to the crip gang?

C.R.I.P.=Community Revolutionary In Progress Crips flag a navy blue bandana on the left side of their back pocket, the color blue for Crips stands for... B.L.U.E.=Blood Killing, Loc Loving, United Crips Getting Stronger, Everyday Loc is another term crips call one another which stands for.... L. ( Full Answer )

What color do the CRIPS wear?

Every Crip set wears the color blue, however some sets pick up a secondary color. For example the Black Mafia Family Crips wear the colors blue & black, the Latin Mafia Familia Crips wear the colors blue & brown, and the Grape Street Watts Crips wear the colors blue & purple.

What crip sets wear black?

All Crips wear the color blue as their main color, but some sets do wear the color black. East Side Long Beach Rollin 20's Crip(wear blue, black, yellow) Black Mafia Family Crips(wear black & blue) South Side Compton Crips(wear blue, black, white)