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the new york colony framed grains rice and wheat.


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Around Rome is a nice valley with vast farm lands. Even today crops are grown there.

Hay is the leading farm crop in Wyoming, then barley, wheat, and corn for grain. Sugar beets are another important farm crop in Wyoming. Most of the crops raised in Wyoming are used to support the livestock industry.

Crops is to farm as fruit is to orchard. The answer is orchard.

Most farm families made their own clothes , furniture , and tools. Families raised crops and animals for thier food.

That depends on the individual farm. With most farms, it's about seeding and growing crops to harvest them in the fall and then selling that harvest to gain income. When there is livestock involved, these livestock are raised from the moment they arrive on the farm either by purchase or by birth, and are raised and fed (or grazed) until it is time to sell them. A farm works, therefore, by raising livestock and/or crops with the best care possible until it's time to sell them. Or, it works by raising crops and livestock for the sole purpose of feeding other people who cannot grow it themselves.

Commercial farming is a farming practice where crops and livestock are raised and grown to be sold on the commercial market in Canada. Crops are grown as cash crops and almost all livestock that are raised on the farm or ranch from birth are sold to the auction barn to be fed and reared for meat production.

That all depends on how the cash crops are raised. The crops themselves can be raised in a completely sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. But if the farmer chooses to farm in a manner inconsistent with those goals, it can harm the environment in a number of different ways. These might include soil erosion, water pollution, air pollution, even pollution of the farm field itself.

wilis carrier was raised and lived on his families farm in Angola new york.

because of the dust bowl, which was a result of over farming and not rotating crops. The topsoil was lost and the farm lands dried up.

yes,Rachel Carson was raised on a farm with her mother

The Egyptians used elaborate irrigation systems to spread water from the Nile to far -flung lands in need. They used counterbalanced sweeps to lift the water to higher farm lands.

what is the difference between farm raised vs wild fish

The settlers of Maryland did farm the lands that they lived on.

He was raised on a farm in Marceline, Missouri.

A pig farm is a where pigs are bred and raised.

It is a farm where beef cattle are raised.

The main cash crops that slaves were used to farm were cotton and tobacco.

Antarctica is covered in ice -- 98%: there are no farm crops there.

What are the major farm crops in Wyoming? this is not ananwser

No farm raised oysters are not safe to eat goto youtube and look it up

Farm produce is anything grown on a farm. These crops might include corn, beans, strawberries, apples, or cucumbers. Additionally, farm crops can be non-edible, like cotton or tobacco.

the crops that are important to the economy of Italy is Farm Crops .Why I think it is important is because in the Farm Crops it has our food , vegetables , wheat , soybeans , fruits , nuts , corn , and other grains :)

There is no specific amount of acres necessary for land to be considered a farm in Wyoming. Rather, the land is considered a farm if the land and buildings are used for growing crops and rearing animals. However, the majority of agricultural lands owned by agricultural operations in Wyoming consist of 5,000 or more acres.

because its a farm animal :P

Yes, he was a farm boy. It was a large farm with many slaves.

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