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The Sioux were allies of the Ottawa

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Q: What customs did the Sioux Indians have?
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What are some customs and ceremonies of the Sioux Indians?

The sun dance is one of them.

What are some of the Sioux Indians' burial customs?

Did the Sioux Indians sacrifse?

did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

What are the Sioux Indians reasourses?

what are the sioux indians reasources

What were the Sioux Indians customs?

There was the ghost dance, it was a religious movement. The Sioux tribe also allow their children to brest-feed up to five years old. I like this answer this what i needed

What did the teton Sioux Indians live in?

the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

When was Sioux City Indians created?

Sioux City Indians was created in 1914.

Where did Sioux Indians migrate to and from?

The Sioux Indians were originally located at Great Lakes, or Woodland area. The Sioux Indians finally moved to Minnesota were most of them currently live.

How do you learn about Sioux indins?

You can learn about the Sioux Indians at your local library. Libraries will have a lot of books that will tell about the lives of the Sioux Indians.

Did the Sioux sacrifse?

did the Sioux Indians sacrifes

Who lived in Sioux tepees?

Sioux Indians

Where was the Sioux Indians located?

The Sioux Indians were located around Arizona, for a better answer try

Where the teton Sioux hunters or farmers?

the teton Sioux Indians were hunters but traded with the arikara Indians

Were the Sioux cruel?

the Sioux Indians where not cruel they where peaceful

Did the Sioux Indians have taxes?

did the sioux give gifts

What were the achievements of the Sioux Indians?

The achievements of the Sioux Indians was the Battle of Little Big Horn, where the Sioux Indians at an Indian camp fought off early American forces when they tried to take their territory.

Are the plain Indians the Sioux Indians?

The Sioux Indians were a tribe of the Plains indians. Most of them were nomadic (meaning they travelled, most likely they followed herds of buffalo)

Are Lakota Indians the same as the Sioux Indians?

yes they are. Sioux actually are The Great Sioux nation, and lakota is just a one tribe from it, and they are located in the Dakota's

When did the Sioux Indians die out?

Most of the Sioux Indians died out in The Battle of the Little Bighorn

Were the Sioux Indians hunters-gatherers or agriculturist?

The Sioux Indians would be considered a hunter and gatherer society.

Did Sioux Indians get married and have marriage ceremonies?

The sioux indians would get married. They had a feast as a wedding ceremony.

In what region did the Sioux live in?

The Sioux Indians lived in North and South Dakota, with the surrounding areas of Canada. The Sioux Indians have a prosperous reservation in North Dakota.

Who do Sioux Indians worship?

The Cherokee Indians

Who were the Sioux Indians known as?

dakota indians

Who were the enemies of the mandan Indians?

The Sioux Indians