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Tire damage in the form of uneven wear, find a good tire shop and get it fixed.

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Can you look at a eclipse?

It depends on the type of eclipse... Solar Eclipse - No, It can damage your eyes, like looking at the sun always can. Lunar Eclipse - Yes, harmless Mitsubishi Eclipse - Only the red one.

How long will it take to see damage of the eye caused by looking directly at a solar eclipse?

because they

How would it cost to repair front end damage to a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse?

A lot.. and you probably spend more later. I totalled my 97 eclipse by hopping a foot tall curb and hitting a tree doing forty five. If you have a friends a lot less. If you don't. it depends on the damage.

If a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse has a blown head gasket what other damage could that have done to the engine?

If you have coolant in the oil, it will cause the rod and main bearings to fail.

If the timing belt broke on a 1991 Mitsubishi eclipse what damage has it done to the engine or is the engine a contact engine?

There could be bent and/or broken valves. Possible damage to the cylinder head and valve guides. Could be damage to the top of the piston. Or you could br lucky and nothing happened.

Can you tell if you caused damage to your eyes by looking at the solar eclipse?

Yes, looking at the sun can cause optic nerve damage. This damage is most easily detected by noticing a loss in peripheral vision. If you notice tunnel vision or a decrease in your wide angle vision after viewing a solar eclipse consult an eye doctor immediately for treatment.

Does penis weights work?

These can damage your penis and cause lasting damage to you penis.

Can the eclipse burn your retinas?

The eclipse itself cannot damage your retinas. However, looking directly at the sun, as one might be tempted to do during an eclipse, can indeed cause damage.

Does a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4 have an interference engine If the timing belt breaks do you need a new engine?

Yes it is an interference engine and if the belt breaks you will have internal engine damage. But you will not have to replace the engine. The damage can be repaired easily and is much cheaper than installing another engine. To prevent this replace the belt every 60,000 miles as recommended by Mitsubishi.

Will watching the lunar eclipse through high powered binoculars damage your eyes?

No. There is no risk of damage your eyes from watching a lunar eclipse. It is during a solar eclipse that you require eye protection.

Can you look at a solar eclipse?

No it can damage your eyes

What damage did the valdivia earthquake cause?

The valdivia earthquake caused a lot of damage. But I am not sure what kind of damage it caused.

What was the damage caused of Mount Etna?

It caused a lot of damage like destroying buildings

What is uv damage?

It is damage caused by the sun.

What causes most the damage associated with tornadoes?

The damage is caused by the powerful winds of the tornado. The rest of the damage is caused by debris.

Can you look directly at a total solar eclipse?

NO! You can cause PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE if you look directly at a solar eclipse, even a total eclipse.

Can you damage your retina staring at a solar eclipse?


What are the disadvantages of eclipse?

It could damage your eyes if you look at it.

Can an eclipse hurt you?

Yes. Looking directly at a solar eclipse, except during totality, can damage your eyes

Hurricanes have caused widespread damage in which state Texas or Iowa?

they have caused a widespread damage in Texas

When has a tsunami caused the most damage in US History?

A tsunami caused most damage in 2004

Is it true that when it is eclipse and you look in the sky you get blind?

You can get permanent damage to your eyes, or in the worst case get blind.

Can a lunar eclipse damage anything?

No, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow. There is no adverse affect of this. However, when the moon passes in front of the Sun, a solor eclipse occurs, and the concentrated light of the corona can cause retinal damage.

Can an eclipse kill you?

No. The only possible danger would come from looking directly at a solar eclipse, which can damage your eyes.

Will body weights wrist and fot weights improve your kicking or boxing speed if so how do you train so you dont damage your body?

Probably. It depends on the weight and how much you use the weights.