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It matters what earthquake it is it can be a volcanic earthquake that would make the road messed up and it all matters about the magnitude that is what makes trouble.

so it matters about two things what kind of earthquake and the magnitude.

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What damage can earthquake cause?

Earthquakes can cause damage to life and property. Buildings and roads can collapse because of that.

Do earthquakes can damage buildings roads dams and many other structures?

Depending up on the intensity of an earthquake buildings, roads, dams and many other structures get damaged. Keeping in view the safety of buildings and dams from earthquakes special designs are being developed.

What intensity is there considerable damage to poorly built buildings?


What is the kind of damage that earthquakes inflict on buildings like houses or shopping malls?

The buildings collapse.

What damage do earthquakes cause?

Depending on the strength of the earthquake [via the Richter Scale] it can cause either very minor shakes or drastically damage an area. Cracks in the roads, buildings collapse, bridges split.. etc.

What can be done to reduce hazards from earthquakes to people and buildings?

Make sure that older buildings are retrofitted for earthquakes. There are still buildings in San Francisco that were around in the 1906 quake that still have damage . To make sure that overpasses are fitted for earthquakes. It build newer houses for earthquakes.

What is the type of earthquake that does damage to roads and buildings?

Depends on how hard the earthquake's damage done on the Richter Scale

How can people control the damage caused by earthquakes?

By constructing buildings and structures that are earthquake resistant.

How do earthquakes cause chaos?

They damage and destroy buildings and structures which land on people and trap them.

What type of landform is formed by groundwater?

it will subside and damage roads, bridges, buildings etc.

What causes the most damage due to earthquakes?

The violent shaking of earth causes most damage. This shaking disrupts the foundation of buildings.

What can lightning damage?

buildings, roads, houses and sometimes when people get struck by lightning there is a possibility that he will die.

What are the effects of an earthquake?

One of the effects of earthquakes is liquidation this turns the earths crust into a substance such as quick sand sucking a building into the ground.The short term effects of earthquakes may include damage to buildings, fires, disruption of water/sewer lines, displaced people/cars, damage to infrastructure (roads, highways, and bridges), etc.falling houses

How are people affected by earthquakes?

It destroys the roads, houses, Family, friends, worldly postions, Buildings, puts people out of jobs and kills a lot of life stock. It causes millions of dollars worth of damage and land scape repairs.

What are direct damaging effects of earthquakes?

Volcanic Eruptions, cracked roads and highways, collapsed buildings, broken structures, tsunamis, etc.

What are the problems faced by people in trying to reduce earthquakes?

There is no way to reduce an earthquake, however you can reduce the damage an earhquake causes by constructing buildings to withstand earthquakes.

What does an tornado do that a earthquake does?

Both tornadoes and earthquakes can damage or destroy buildings and infrastructure and can kill and injure people. However they cause damage in different ways.

What type of damage can an earthquake cause?

Earthquakes can be very damaging to an area. An earthquake can turn structurally unsound buildings to ruble, damage foundations, and ruin streets.

Why are most earthquakes more destructive then others?

Earthquakes are divided into catagories like 1 to 5. 1 is the least damage, 2 is a little more damage, 3 is alot of damage, 4 is porbly one of the earthquakes that make most buildings fall, 5 earthquake is the worst of them all, everything is crumbled and smashed.

How do earthquakes effect the Earth?

Earthquakes can do a lot of damage to just one place.EFFECTS OF EARTHQUAKE:AvalanchesTidal waves (tsunami)SpillsFloodingDeathEstablishment damageTransportation nessecities destroyedBroken electricity and Gas linesEarthquakes produce various damaging effects to the areas they act upon. This includes damage to buildings and in worst cases the loss of human life. The effects of the rumbling produced by earthquakes usually leads to the destruction of structures such as buildings, bridges, and other standing establishments.

What type damage do earthquakes cause?

Damage from earthquakes include collapsed buildings, fallen telephone poles & trees, fires, gas leaks, disruption of water/sewer lines, damage to infrastructure (roads, highways, and bridges), etc. Pulled/broken power lines can cause power outages and electrical fires. Falling debris and wreckage can damage cars, property, humans, and animals alike. Damage to homes include broken windows, glass and mirrors in addition to gas or electrical fires. Homes and buildings can become completely destroyed or unsafe to live in causing large numbers of people to become homeless overnight. Large earthquakes at sea can cause tsunamis which in turn can cause great damage to ships at sea and to the land if it hits ground.

What causes most of the damage in earthquakes because of the side to side swaying motion that many buildings are unable to withstand?

Surface Waves.

Whart was the damage of the eruption of montserrat volcano?

Many buildings were destroyed including the only hospital, the airport and many main roads.

What effects were there when there was a earthquakes in Haiti?

many, buildings and roads destroyed, power shortages, loss of food and water, thousands of deaths and an estimated 1,000,000 left homeless

What can be done when a new home is being built to help prevent damage caused by liquefaction?

to reduce earthquake damage, new buildings must be made stronger and more flexible. older buildings however must be modified to withstand stronger earthquakes