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It is possible that no damage will occur by accidentally filing a petrol motorcycle with diesel. The motorcycle make emit a lot of smoke as a result of doing this.

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If diesel fuel instead of gasoline was used accidentally would filling station insurance company be responsible?

If they filled the vehicle, sure.

What damage to a motorcycle engine if you fill up with diesel instead of petrol?

Won't run Drain fuel system

What happens if you accidentally put in petrol instead of diesel?

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

Does your full coverage insurance policy cover cost of damage caused by filling tank with gas instead of diesel?

Assuming it was not a vandal that did that, then no.

Can you still drive if you accidentally put a large amount of diesel in your petrol car?

If the engine will run you could drive it, but I would advise against it. The diesel may damage the O2 sensors and catalytic converter. Drain the tank and then fill it up with fresh gasoline. No real damage will be done with the small amount of diesel left.

What is the required motorcycle oil use Suzuki motorcycle?

The required gasoline for Suzuki motorcycle is Diesel gasoline.

What do you think may happen to my diesel engine after i accidentally changed its oil with a gasoline engine oil?

More than likely no damage was done. Drain out all the oil and fill it with the correct weight diesel oil.

What damage is caused by petrol in a diesel engine?

Serious damage. Any diesel mechanic, would recommend draining the entire fuel system and re-filling it with pure diesel. I do know some guys that add a gallon or two of gasoline to their diesel trucks, meaning big rig semi's, in the winter for easier starting, however their truck's fuel tanks have a 50 gallon capacity. Diesel is a lubricant as well as a fuel. Running gasoline, or a high mixture of gasoline WILL cause SERIOUS damage to a diesel engine, so remove all the gas immediately.

What happens if accidentally put diesel into a petrol bike?

The petrol engine will just not run. No damage will be done. You will need to drain the tank, flush the fuel lines, and replace the fuel filter.

Will E85 damage a diesel engine?

Yes, it will destroy a diesel engine.

Accidentally put diesel in petrol car?

Have it drained out and change filters

What do you do if you put petrol accidentally into a diesel peugeot 206?

if petrol is about 10% or less fill with diesel and carry on. otherwise remove as much as possible and fill with diesel.

What will happen if you use petrol in diesel engine and diesel in petrol engine?

Petrol in a Diesel will cause serious engine damage if you run the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine and the engine will simply not run. No damage will be done.

What is result of filling diesel in petrol engine and by which method?

Dead stop

What happens if petrol is used in diesel engine and vice versa?

If gasoline is used in a diesel it will damage the engine. If diesel is used in a gasoline engine it will do no real damage as the engine will not run.

Will diesel damage your moped and how to fix it?

Yes it will unless u have a diesel engine

Is a Triumph motorcycles petrol or diesel?

There is a Triumph Tiger Diesel motorcycle but all other types of Triumph are made for gasoline.

What do you do if you have accidentally put unleaded petrol in a diesel car?

Siphon out as much as possible and refill with deisel, keep topping up every time you use a gallon or so, I've done this twice and no damage to engine.

What are the signs of a cracked injector cup in a 7.3 diesel?

To begin with you will smell diesel after parking. You will also have your coolant system start overflowing because it will be filling up with diesel. The crack will allow the injector to push diesel into the coolant.

What damage could be done to a diesel engine if four liters of unleaded petrol was accidentally added to 40 liters of diesel?

Shouldn't cause any damage! Adding 10% of petrol to diesel fuel was standard practice in sub-zero winters in the days before "winter-grade" diesel. It helps prevent "waxing" where the diesel fuel will turn into something like a soft candle wax at low temperatures. You may notice a slight loss of power until the petrol is out of the system. 4 litres in 40 litres of diesel should not damage your engine, the one thing it will do is give you MORE power as it works a little like a bottle of injector cleaner that you may add to a tank of diesel from time to time. It will cause higher temperature explosions in your combustion chambers and a little more power.

Will putting petrol in a diesel engine car and starting it damage the car?

Yes, putting petrol/gasoline in a diesel engine and running it will cause severe damage to the engine.

What happens when you mix gas and diesel?

In small amounts diesel will not affect operation, but eventually as the mixture becomes more diesel than gas it will not burn in a gasoline car, and will damage a diesel vehicle. If you have mixed more than 5% diesel with your gas you should probably drain and start over to avoid damage.

I put 2 liters of petrol accidentally into my diesel 2002 Peugeot will it be OK?

yes, if you pump it out!

What do you do if you accidentally put unleaded fuel in 1999 series 60 freightliner diesel?

You need to have it drained out.

What happens if you put gaoline in a diesel?

You could damage the Engine because Gasoline is potent than Diesel

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