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Tree were uprooted

animal habitats were lost due to amount of litter in ocean & coral reefs were damage

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Is vegetation a flora or fauna?

Vegetation is Flora, Fauna are animals

What is the flora and fauna of Costa Rica?

what is the flora and fauna of costa rica

What are facts about Flora and Fauna?

Flora is plants and flowers, and Fauna are animals

What do flora and fauna mean?

Flora = flowersFauna = animalsFloraFauna1. Flora is referred to as the total plant covered or vegetation of a region.Fauna means the species of animals, birds, reptiles etc.

Is coral flora or fauna?

= fauna =

What are the flora and Fauna in Queensland Australia?

the Cooktown orchid is the flora and the koala is the fauna

What is the differentiation of fauna and flora?

Fauna refers to animals. Flora refers to plants.

Who are Flora and Fauna of Ancient Rome?

Flora and Fauna are goddesses of Ancient Rome, Flora the Goddess of flowers and Spring and Fauna, the Goddess of Prophecy and Fruitfulness.

Is the sidewinder rattlesnake a flora or fauna?

Flora are plants and Fauna are animals so a sidewinder rattlesnake would be a Fauna.

Negative factors for depletion of flora and fauna?

Flora are plants and fauna are animals. The depletion of both flora and fauna can come from natural disasters or environment destruction.

Senegal is fauna or flora?

Niether, Senegal is country. Flora and fauna are plants and animals

Flora and fauna of delhi?

Potti and potti means flora and sususu means fauna

Difference between flora and fauna?

Flora means plants fauna means animals

What is the difference between flora and fauna?

'Flora' is plant life and 'fauna' is animal life.

What is the definition of desert flora and fauna?

flora is a flower/plant fauna is deer gazelle

Where are the plants flora and fauna from?

They are not plants. Flora and fauna are the terms used to describe all plant and animal life, not a specific type. Flora = plants, Fauna = animals

What is the name of the third fairy in the Sleeping Beauty?

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

What is the flora and fauna of South America?

it is the plant life(flora) and animal/wildlife(fauna) of America

How to conserve flora and fauna?

we can protect the flora and fauna by protecting them. We can conserve flora & fauna of a place by educating the local community of that area and also enacting the rules and regulation for this purpose.

What was the flora and fauna like in ancient India?

Flora and Fauna in Ancient India is very plentiful. Flora is usualy used in medicines.

What is Flaura and Fauna?

flora is plants, fauna is animals

Complete this phrase-what and fauna?

Flora and Fauna.

Are bats flora or fauna?

Bats are animals - fauna

Is barramudi are flora or fauna?

Its a fish, so its fauna

Is a rat tailed fish flora or fauna?


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