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Start: August 1, 1914 End: November 11, 1918

Start: July 28th, 1914.End: November 11th, 1918. Veterans Day.The world War 1 ended in November 1918. I read this in a book so I think it is pretty accurate, but it doesn't show the exact date.

Since 1991 the Somali Civil War has been an ongoing civil war with no end in sight ...

the date of the end of ww2 for Australia was the same for every other country

World War 2 ended in 1945. Not 1910 like the previous answer.

Signing of treaty on USS Missouri 2nd September 1945 When did World War 2 end

The world war came to an end in between late April and early May 1945.

WW3 has not yet occurred, so its end date is not known.

It started on the 2nd of January,1941 and didn't end until 3rd of January, 1948.

Start: 1914. End: 1918.

world war 2 ended in 2 September 1945.

what mouth did world war 1 end and stard __ Month - start month July end month November

War World 11 never happend. World War II happened from 1939-1945.

they are related because the end of ww1 was actually the start if ww2

The war of 1812 concluded two years and eight months after its start, on February 18, 1815.

The exact date is: August 15, 1945.

Im bad at math but I'll give you the end date of WW1 and the beginning of WW2 WW1 ended Nov 11 1918 WW2 began Sept 3 1939

first world war was started on 1914july 28

World War I started in 1914 and ended in 1918.

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