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Winter begins on June 20 to June 22 in Australia and finishes on September 20 to September 22. It is exactly opposite of the of the northern hemisphere.

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What date does Autumn start and finish in Australia?

autumn - march, april, may winter - june, july, august spring - september, october, november summer - december, january, february

What date is the winter solstice in Australia?

21 Jun is the Winter solstice

What date do paralympics start and finish?

9th September

Olympics start date and finish date?

July 27 - August 12

What date does summer start and finish in Australia?

The Australian Summer officially starts on 1 December and finishes on 28 February (29 February in a leap year).

Which date start winter time?

The season of Winter starts on December 21.

When is the date of the Olympics and what date did they finish?

the olympics start in july the 27th and ends in august

What date does winter start in in New Zealand?

Winter starts around May in NZ

What is the date and time of the winter solstice in Perth west Australia?

21 June

Which month does winter start?

Winter begins in the month of December. The official date that winter begins is on the winter solstice of each year.

Does summer in Australia start on the same date as US summer or the same date as US winter What determines summerThe warm season or the dates?

All of Australia's seasons are exactly the OPPOSITE to America's. So our summer starts December 1st, your winter starts December 1st.

When do the 2012 Olympics start and finish in London England?

start date 27th july 2012 ending date 12th august 2012

Were the winter games the only olympic games held in Australia?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Australia. To date, only the Summer Olympics have been held in Australia: in Melbourne in 1956 and in Sydney in 2000.

Which date ssc exams are going to finish maharashtra board?

I would like to know from which date maharashtra ssc board exams are going to start & when it is going to finish

What date did Vietnam war start and finish?

1959 to 30 of April 1975

What date do the 2012 Olympics start and finish?

27 July - 12 August

What date does winter start in California in 2010?

It starts on Dec 21

What is the date of the summer solstice in Australia 2009?

Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, its summer solstice (the date with the longest length daytime of the year) is the date of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. In 2009, this occurred on December 21.

What date is spring 2010 start?

Spring in Australia will start on Wednesday September 1st, 2010.

Start and finish date of Vietnam war?

It started in 1959 and ending on April 30,1975. .

What date did the blackpool illuminations start and when do they finish?

4th September - 8th November 2009

What day Olympics games start and finish date?

27 july - 12 august

What date does fall start in Australia?

first of march end on may :)

Around which date does winter start in New Zealand?

i think in late October

What date did the 2010 Winter Olympic Games start?

12 february 2010

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