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A Japanese sub fired on a oil refinery in Santa Barbara California on Feb. 23 1942. Also a Japanese float plane dropped incendiary bombs on U.S. forests in Oregon on Sept 9th and 10th ( 2 missions). Julie B. (July 17, 2007)

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How many Japanese submarines reached the US in World War 2?

1. Some Japanese mini-subs reached US territory in 1941 (Pearl Harbor). 2. One Japanese submarine shelled Santa Barbara California with it's deck gun. 3. One Japanese submarine launched an airplane which bombed Brookings, Oregon.

What type of vessels attacked Newcastle in World War 2?

a Japanese i class submarine

Did the us catch a Japanese submarine on the east coast around Maine in World War 2?


Did the Japanese have a sub that could launch planes in world war II?

No japan did not have a submarine that could launch aircraft.

When did the Japanese start to use submarines in World War 2?

From the very beginning. IJN subs were prowling the US west coast and launched submarine airplanes which bombed Oregon, and fired shells from their deck guns into Santa Barbara California.

What is the deadliest nuclear submarine in the world?

Virginia class submarine

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Is submarine the fastest fish in world?

No a submarine is a machine not a fish a sailfish is the fastest fish in the world

What day was the new world sighted?

Guanahani island was the first land in the New World seen and visited by Christopher Columbus. It was first sighted on October 12, 1492.

What was living conditions like on a submarine World War 1?

Ask the submarine. The King

How many Japanese were living in America prior to World War 2?

Approximately 120,000 Japanese and/or Japanese-Americans lived in the US during and prior to WW2; of which over 90,000 lived in California.

Is a U-boat a submarine?

A U-boat was a submarine used by Germany in World War 1 and World War 2.

At any time during World War 2 did Japanese planes enter Sydney harbor?

A Japanese float plane from a submarine carried out a flight over Sydney Harbour to map out the targets for the three midget submarines which carried out the attack.

What day was the new world sighted by Columbus?

October 12th, 1492.

What was the submarine that could go around the world without refuling in 1945?

There was no submarine that could do that as early as 1945

Did the Japanese use submarines in World War 2?

The Imperial Japanese Navy started World War II with one of the largest submarine forces in the world. Despite the sinking during the war of several major U.S. warships by Japanese submarines, the Japanese were never able to effectively employ their submarines to any great extent. Japanese submarines tended to operate alone and were directed toward tactical gains. The United States, in contrast, employed wolf packs, embraced new technology, and engaged in a campaign of strategic submarine warfare. On Dec. 7, 1941, during the attack on Pearl Harbor, there where 3 Japanese submarines stationed in a picket line 100 miles forward of the carriers. They were the I-23, I-21, and I-19. There are even rumors of Japanese subs patrolling the East Coast during the war.

Submarine in World War I?


When was United States Submarine Operations in World War II created?

United States Submarine Operations in World War II was created in 1949.

What day was the new world sighted by Columbus was it an island what was the name of the island?


How many pages does United States Submarine Operations in World War II have?

United States Submarine Operations in World War II has 577 pages.

What was the longest time a submarine was submerged during world war 2?

USS Puffer (SS-268) holds the record for being submerged longer than any American submarine during World War 2. The incident took place on October 9, 1943 during Puffer's first war patrol. While attacking a Japanese tanker, the submarine was counter-attacked by the ship's escort, forcing the submarine deep to evade. The escort, however, did not relent and, joined later by a second escort, prevented Puffer from surfacing for over 37 hours.

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When was the first submarine designed?

World War 1

How many types of submarine robots are they?

There are literally hundreds of types of submarine robots. All major countries of the world develop them.

What is the Name of the world first atomic-powered submarine?

The world's first atomic powered submarine was the USS Nautilus.