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Q: What day did the boat leave in the island of Curacao in the book The Cay?
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What book is most likely to have a picture of a large boat crashing on an island?

An Adventure book

What is the setting in the book The Cay?

The setting of the Cay book is in Curacao 1942 in the Caribbean.

Why did the gahal tribe leave the island in the book the island blue dolphins?

they left because they were hungry and they wanted to go away from the island.

What month did Curacao get attacked in the book The Cay?

Curaçao was attacked in July.

Where does the book The Cay take place?

in Willemstad Curacao and on the USS hato and on the cay

Why did Phillip go on a ship with his parents in the book The Cay?

Actually, Phillip only went on the boat with his mother. His father stayed back to help with the war. Phillip and his mother went on the ship to get away from the war in Curacao.

Who did the boat once belong to holes the book?

Who does the boat belong to in the book Hopes

What does the island symbolize in lord of the files?

the island in the book symbolises that the boys are going backwards in time, from civilised to savage. at the start they say the island looks like a boat going backwards, backwards in time?

What season did mafatu leave his island?

Mafatu is a character in the book Call It Courage. Mafatu left the island in the spring season. He was shipwrecked on another island before returning home.

What is the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Island of the blue dolphins is a book by Scott O'Dell. it's about a girl named Karana who live alone on a island for 18 years after her tribe leave.

In the book Lord of the Flies what are words to describe the island?

Boat-shaped, tropical island, hot, palm trees, undergrowth, and coral reef are used to describe the island in the book, Lord of the Flies. The author used the words green and pink to describe the environment, and the words light and shading when describing scenes on the island.

In the book The Cay why didnt Curacao fight the Germans back?

They couldn't fight the Germans back because they didn't have enough weapons to fight back to the Germans and when a shipped tried to get weapons or leave the Germans would torpedo it.

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