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February 29 1972 was a Tuesday.

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A leap year is 366 days long so it does not fall on a single day of the week. All 7 days of the week will regularly occur during a leap year. The leap day itself, which is probably what you meant, will occur on Monday, as the 29th of February 1916, the next leap day, is a Monday.

February 29th, 2016- the next leap day- will fall on a Monday.

Leap day does affect which day of the week Christmas falls on, but Christmas will always fall on the 25th. Hope this answered your question!

Because a year has 365 days (or 366 in a leap year) and a week has 7 days. 7 does not divide into 365 or 366. The remainder of 1 in a non-leap year means that your birthday will be one day of the week later if there has not been a leap day since your previous b-day. A remainder of 2 in a leap year means that your birthday will be two days of the week later if there has been a leap day since your previous b-day. The reason for using leap days instead of leap years in the last paragraph is that birthdays that fall before the leap day (1 January-28 February) are affected by leap years in the PREVIOUS year.

there is how the heck should i know in a leap year

Thanksgiving Day is always on a Thursday.

4 weeks of which includes 4 of every day of the week. It has four weeks and has four of each day of the week.

If a leap year: thurday If not: Friday

its evry fou r years

February 29th, 1985 was actually a leap year. So, this day of the week did not occur.

Thursday, the day of the week

26 May 1972 was a Friday.

February 20 1972 was on a Sunday.

September 17 1972 was on a Sunday.

13 October 1972 was a Friday.

3rd Aug 1972 was a Thursday.

November 13 1972 was a Monday.

6 September 1972 was a Wednesday.

July 15, 1972 was a Saturday.

March 7 1972 was a Tuesday.

19 June 1972 was on a Monday.

10 October 1972 was a Tuesday.

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