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If a leap year: thurday If not: Friday


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Christmas was on Friday in 2009.

December 25, 2009 fell on a Friday.

New Year's Day is one week after Christmas Day.

The day of the week which Christmas is skipping this year - Monday.

Christmas day 2017 will be on a Monday.

Christmas Day is great no matter what day of the week it falls on. When it is Christmas Day the day is completely different to any normal day of the week, so whatever day it is doesn't really matter.

Christmas Day 2010 is a Saturday.

Christmas day in 1985 was a Wednesday.

Christmas Day will be on a Friday in 2020.

Christmas Day will be on a Sunday in 2011.

Christmas day will be on a Saturday in 2010.

Christmas Day 1962 was a Tuesday.

Christmas Day in 1981 was a Friday.

Christmas Day 1986 was a Thursday.

Christmas day 2007 was a Monday.

Christmas Day in 1940 was a Wednesday.

Christmas Day will be on a Wednesday in 2013.

New Year's Day is 7 days after Christmas Day, so New Year's Day always falls on the same day of the week one week after Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was a Tuesday in 2007.

In 1968 Christmas was on Wednesday.

Christmas Day in 1980 was on a Thursday.

Christmas Day was on a Friday in 1970.

Christmas Day was on Tuesday in 1962.

Christmas Day in 1914 was on a Friday.

Leap day does affect which day of the week Christmas falls on, but Christmas will always fall on the 25th. Hope this answered your question!

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