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juan ponce de leon was born in May 21,1460

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Q: What day was Juan ponce de leon born in?
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When was Juan Ponce De Leon born?

He was born in 1474 but there is no record showing the month or day. He died in July 1521.

What present-day state did Ponce de leon explore?

Juan Ponce De Leon discovered Florida which is a kind Flowers in spanish.

Which explorer landed in present day Florida?

Juan Ponce De Leon

What are present day areas that juan ponce de leon explore?


What early explorer landed in present day Newfoundland?

Juan Ponce de Leon

What place did Juan Ponce De Leon land?

He stopped in present day Florida.

Which explorer discovered the coast of present day Florida?

Juan Ponce De Leon

Where did juan ponce de leon go exploring?

Juan Ponce de Leon explored what is present day Florida and Puerto Rico. During the early part of 16th century, Ponce de Leon was search for gold and a legendary fountain of youth when he landed in Florida in 1513.

Juan ponce de leon discovered what American state for Spain?

Modern Day Florida

Who was the first Spanish conquistador to reach the present day US?

juan ponce de leon

Who was the first spanish conquistador to reach present day Unites States?

juan ponce leon

What modern-day US state did Juan Ponce de Leon find in his search for the fountain of youth?


What day did Juan Ponce de Leon die?

The date is unknown, but Juan Ponce de León died in Havana, Cuba in July 1521 after being wounded by a poison arrow in southern Florida.

What year did Ponce de Leon begin exploring?

Juan Ponce de Leon was sent by Spain to reach what is now the United States in 1513. He failed the mission, however he claimed present day Florida for Spain

Date of death of ponce de leon?

Ponce De Leon died in the year of 1521.They do not know what day itself:( I am doing a report on Ponce De Leon.:))

Near which present-day Florida city do historians think Juan Ponce De Leon first landed in 1513?

he landed at Florida in 1513.

What day did ponce de leon die?


Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon became the first European to set foot on the soil of Which present-day US state?

It was Florida. NOT Louisiana

Who discovered the coast of present day Florida?

Ponce de leon! :D

What present day state in the US did ponce de Leon land on?


What present day location did Ponce de Leon claim for Spain?

Ponce de Leon established a Spanish presence at what is now St. Augustine, Florida. He first landed there in 1513.

Who explored modern day Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth?

Ponce de Leon

What present day area did ponce de leon explore?

St. Augustine Florida

What present day country did ponce de leon found?

Ponce de Leon was one of the early European explorers of Florida, but he did not found any country, nor is he considered the founder of Florida.

When was Leon Day born?

Leon Day was born on October 30, 1916.