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July 31st, 1964 was when I was born. What day was I conceived?

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Q: What day was you conceived?
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When was d-day conceived?

D-Day was in planning for over 2 years, so it was conceived sometime in early 1942.

How can you find out the day you conceived?

The day you banged yo baby daddy!

I have a 28 day cycle and got pregnant is it more likely i conceived on day 14 or is it possible i conceived on day 19?

AnswerIt is just as possible for you to have conceived on day 19 as on day 14 or any day in between. Your days of ovulation can fluctuate very easily depending on many things like stress, diet, exercise, etc. Good luck!

Would you still get your period if you conceived the day before your period?

. It was confirmed by my OB-GYN that I had conceived the FIRST DAY of my period. My period was on time and I continued to have a normal, regular flow 6 day period. Hope I helped!!!!

When did you become pregnant if the first day of your last period was Nov. 4th and you conceived on Nov. 17th?

If you conceived on the 17th that's when you became pregnant.

If I conceived on August the 9th is that the day I got pregnant?

yes ma'am

If you conceived on October 18 when will you be due?

July 11th. A great day :)

Is it possible to find out the exact day your baby was conceived?

no doctors nr clever

If you are due on 8Th Nov 2010 is it possible that you conceived on 21st Feb if the first day of last period is 1st Feb.?

No. I'm due the same day and I conceived during the Superbowl... which I believe was Feb 7th.

What do we celebrate on the day of the Immaculate Conception?

The day the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived, without the stain of original sin.

What day was WikiTree conceived?

WikiTree was not conceived on a particular day. The idea evolved over many years, starting around 2005 when Chris Whitten started developing a personal website to organize his family history to share with his family.

What day was i conceived on?

Find your age on your last birthday ... from that you will know your birth year ... from your birth date in your birth year, subtract 9 months and you will have a rough idea on what date you were conceived.

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