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the twin tower's was blown up on September 11 2001!

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Q: What day where the twin towers blown up?
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Was the twin towers blown up?

yes by having the planes being the bomb

Were the twin towers blown up by a bomb?

No, airline planes were flown directly at it to cause their downfall. A bomb blowing up the twin towers is just a theory. The planes crashing into the towers actually happened.

Did the twin towers change over time?

Yes, the twin towers changed over time because in the end they were blown up and they definitely did not start that way.

What Social effects on US after twin towers were blown up?

Since the Twin Towers were America's symbol of superior economic, after 9/11, the global market had fell greatly.

What planes crashed into the twin towers?

the plane that blew up the Twin Towers was the Boeing 757 - there were two of them

Will they ever rebuild the Twin Towers?

no. I personally think they should have so that we as a country would not look weak by giving up on The Twin Towers. But maybe some day they will..... If they do I'm looking forward to it. :)

Why was it important to blow up the twin towers?

Blowing up the twin towers was a way for terrorists to disrupt the heart of our nation as a whole. The Twin Towers symbolized much more than the two tallest towers in New York, they also held a lot of financial information.

How long did it take to clean up the twin towers?

It took almost 9 whole months to clean up the twin towers. There were many people involved who helped clean up.

What is the story on the twin towers?

Osama bidlaten that no good terrorist had something against the Americans so he had a plan of blowing up the twin towers so he blew it up on 9\11. that's da story behind da twin towers. also

How much did the terrorist that crashed the twin towers get paid?

The (19) terrorists couldn't get paid because they ended up dying when they crashed into the twin towers.

When were the new york trade towers blown up?

September 11, 2001

Why were the twin towers hit?

the twin towers were hit because, al-quido were jealous of our freedom. first they hit the pentagon. second they tried to go for the white house, but landed in a corn-field in pennsylvania. third they hit one of the twin towers, it instantly went up in flames. 29 minutes later at 10:28 a.m. they hit the other twin tower. in 1993, they tried to blow up the twin towers by placing a bomb in the basement parkinglot. it only blew up the parking garage.

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