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General rule of thumb is that if it has enough contribution from someone that you can pick up on their style or flavor from it, you should give them credit. For instance a guest vocalist or lead guitarist, or anyone who is well known. Its a good idea with anyone who isn't a regular member of the band anyway, because they put effort they really didn't have to into your track.

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1 2 1 1 2

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Is Justin Bieber going to perform in Port Saint Lucie Florida?

where did you hear that and if you did hear from somebody decide whether u believe him or not

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It's under control test of whether somebody is an employed or self employed.

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You don't have to know. Library functions are also written by somebody, aren't they?

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Every component: the length of each line, the measure of each angle, the order in which the lines are connected, the order of the angles, whether these orders are clockwise or anti-clockwise.

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It depends on what you mean. If you are asking someone whether or not he is actually blind, the translation is "¿Eres ciego?" If you are asking someone this rhetorically to question whether somebody was too dumb to notice something, the translation is "¿Estás ciego?"

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