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the answer is Receptor . :D

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What is a protein that detects a signal molecule and performs an action in response?


A protein that detects a signal molecule and performs and action in response is called a?


What structure detects the stimulus in the reflex action?

The reflex arc detects the stimulus in the reflex action.

Explain how membrane receptors transmit messages across the cell membrane?

Receptors detect a signal molecule and perform an action in response.

What are the stages of a reflex action?

receptor detects a stimulus - change in the environmentsensory neurone sends signal to relay neuronemotor neurone sends signal to effectoreffector produces a response

What carries action to a direct object?

In a sentence with an active verb, the subject carries out some action on a direct object

What does a response mean?

A response is an answer or reply that can be in a word or action.

How does the reflex action help maintain homeostasis?

Homeostasis works as a negative feedback mechanism, which is a kind of reflex action. When the body detects changes in external/internal environment, the receptor will generate a nerve impulse to the coordination centre and then make a response through effector. This is a reflex arc.

What is the Cost that change in response to a particular course of action?

Costs that change in response to a particular course of action are differential costs.

What is antivirus how antivirus ditect delete it?

Antivirus is a program that detects, prevents, and takes action to remove viruses, worms and Trojans.The antivirus programs such as AVG,Avast or immunet detects and remove the virus.

What is the verb in the boy carries a black bag to school?

Verbs are action words, so "carries" would be the verb in the sentence.

What is government action in response to an issue?

public policy

What is governments action in response to an issue?

public policy

What is an automatic response to a stimuli?

This is a "reflex" or "reflexive action"

How does a reflex action happen?

This is what happens:a receptor detects a stimulus (change in the environment)a sensory neuron sends a signal to the relay neuronthe relay neuron sends the signal to the motor neuronthe motor neuron sends a signal to the affected partthe affected part produces a response

A type of immune response that is produced by the action of antibodies within body fluids?

humoral immunity response

What way of asking for action carries the highest level of politeness?

a question

What is the long extended process of a neuron the carries action potitial?

a dendrite

Government action in response to an issue?

When the government takes action in response to an issue, it does so through public policy. Public policy can range from education policy to energy policy.

What are the action of b cells and t cells in an immune response?

B cell will response to extracellular bacteria but t cell response to intracellular bacteria.

What is the first action of the major emergency response planning?


What does a stimulus and response do?

Any desired action takes place

If a plant grows toward the light a plants action is what?

A response

What is the pathway that a reflex arc travels?

A reflex arc will travel from the receptor (reactor to stimuli) to sensory neurons, to the interneurons which will respond (unlike the brain in conscious action) and send the message to motor neurons which will operate the effector (carries out response to stimuli).

What is the difference of stumulus and response?

Hi This a Pavlov's dogs question if I'm not mistaken. Stimulus is the action, and response the reaction to the stimulus.