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Speed and direction determine an object's velocity.


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A push or a pull determines the force between the two objects

velocity, or velocity vector.

Watch your velocity! The velocity delivered by the cannon determines the distance that the human cannonball will fly.

A change in an objects velocity is called acceleration. Velocity is defined as an objects speed of travel AND its direction of travel. Acceleration can change only an objects speed, only its direction or both. If there is no acceleration acting on the object, then the velocity remains constant.

In order to increase an objects momentum, you must increase the objects velocity or mass. To decrease momentum, you reduce the objects velocity or mass.

The product of mass and velocity determines the momentum of a moving body.

Velocity changes when an objects position changes.

An objects density is determined by its' weight and volume.

Speed and direction determine an object's velocity.speed and direction

It isn't. Constant velocity? Uniform velocity across a group of objects?

Velocity is speed with a direction. For Example 30 Miles/hour East would be velocity.

a change in a objects velocity is caused by a unbalanced force :)

Velocity is an objects speed in a given direction e.g. a runner having run round a circular track of 400m in circumference has 0 velocity.

No, since momentum equals mass times velocity, if the masses of the two objects of equal velocity are different then their momentum will be different.

Any change in an objects velocity is an indicator of acceleration a=F/m and a change in the ratio F/m.

initial velocity is the speed or the velocity at which vechicle or any other objects starts moving.....

momentum=mass*velocity if velocity is zero.momentum also zero

An object's mass and its velocity define the object's MOMENTUM.

to find the speed and direction of an objects velocity

By changing its direction.

When you have calculated or measured it.

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