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I think these days boulevards are those streets that run from point A to point B without merging into any other street/avenue/place. While Avenues always run east to west direction and also merge into other avenues.

From what I have gathered, Boulevards connect parks, Ave's run N/S or there about, drives follow a contour. As far as roads, streets etc., I believe it is determined by width.

A boulevard technically is supposed to have a parkway enclosed, like Logan Blvd & Palmer Blvd.

Diversey is the funny exception, there are signs proclaiming it a bouleavrd, but they are mistaken- the city ran out of money in the 30's and Diversey never got the boulevard "treatment" that was planned.

The Chicago street grid is laid out with 8 blocks per mile, which are therefore 1/8th of a mile long. There are also half-blocks, which are 1/16th of a mile long. On the south side, the E-W streets at full-block locations are called "Street" while the E-W streets at the half-block locations are called "Place". This happens because the streets are numbered (i.e. W 63rd Street & W 63rd Place). The rule also generally follows that N-S streets at the full-block locations are called "Avenue" while the N-S streets at half-block locations are called "Court", although courts are less common. The names of the busy streets are anybody's guess.

Another requirement for boulevards according the the Chicago Historical Society was that no public transportation ran on them. So, they became the more upscale streets, away from streetcars (and later, buses and Els).

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Q: What determines if a Chicago street is called an avenue boulevard place road or street?
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What determines if a street is called an avenue boulevard place road or street?

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