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A free non-slave country united as one

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How do you spell Abraham Lincoln in Korean?

As Abraham Lincoln is a person's name you would write it as you see it in English.

When did Abraham Lincoln went to see the Antietam battlefield?

Abraham Lincoln went to see the battle field two weeks after the battle was fought.

What did Abraham Lincoln like to see?

His parents and siblons

What would Abraham Lincoln wanted to see?


What color couldn't Abraham Lincoln see when he was colorblind?


What play was Abraham Lincoln going to see?

Our American Cousin

Where can you see a picture of John Wilkes Booth shooting Abraham Lincoln?

For a picture of the Lincoln assassination, see Sources and related links.

Did John Wayne Play Abraham Lincoln?

John Wayne did not play Abraham Lincoln. See the link below for a complete list of John Wayne movies.

Did Abraham Lincoln live to see he end of the Civil War?

No, the Civil War ended in declaration on May 9, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865.

What play did Abraham Lincoln go see the night he was shot?

our american cousin

Who was the person who was a slave who met Abraham Lincoln?

Frederic Douglass came to see Lincoln during a White House reception. Lincoln received him gratiously.

Did Abraham Lincoln get to see lots of people?

Yes mostly in heaven. Other than that how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?

Was Abraham Lincoln kicked in the head by a mule?

see link below for full story

Did Abraham Lincoln have a beard?

Yes. The next time you have a $5 bill you'll see.

What did Obama see as the future of America?

we the people of America can both share equal rights as other black or white is what Obama saw for the future of America

What play did Abraham Lincoln go see the night of his assassination?

The play was Our American Cousin, a comedy.

Who is considered to be the best president in history?

Abraham Lincoln and then George Washington.See related links.

Did President Lincoln see his own death?

no because he couldn't go to the future

Where can you see a close up of Lincoln Memorial?

The 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln, is honored through the Lincoln Memorial. A full set of photos can be seen at Related Link.

What things can you do or see at the Lincoln Memorial?

u could c the abraham lincoln statue or see the gettysburg address carved into a wall in the south chamber. M.DO from Fountain Valley , California

How much is a penny so old you can barely see Abraham Lincoln?

It's still woth a penny

Where was a photograph taken of Abraham Lincoln during the civil war?

Many. Please see the attached links.

How many times was Abraham Lincoln unburied?

every one want to see his face so 4

Was Abraham Lincoln in a movie?

There is a movie about Lincoln released recently. For more information see the related link below.However, during his lifetime, Abraham Lincoln was never in a movie. He died on April 14, 1865, and the first motion pictures were developed at the end of the 19th century.

What did Abraham Lincoln changed the world?

abraham was a great man who did not see alot of things growing up. he was a poor child, hes mother died from a milk sickness when abraham was nine years old.

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