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During World War One many woman shared something in common with African-Americans. They had to work all the jobs that had previously been done by the men who were now at war.

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Q: What did African Americans and women have in common during World War 1?
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Many african americans during world war 1?

There are more than 350,000 African Americans!

During world war 2 what did many African Americans do?


What type of jobs were African Americans given during world world two?


In the military during ww2 african anericans were grouped?

During the World War 2, the African Americans served as the truck drivers.

How did African Americans affect the workforce during World War I?

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the migration of african americans to the north during the following world war 1 was mainly a result of the?

The migration of African Americans to the North during and following World War I was mainly a result of the availability of new factory jobs

How were the expriences of African Americans Mexican Americans and Japanese Americans similar during World War 2?

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Who was segregated in World War I?

The racial segragation of African-Americans from European-Americans still existed during WW I, even in the armed forces. On the American side, African Americans were segregated from White Americans.

Did African Americans fight during World War 2?

There were close to 1 million African American soldiers that fought with the allied troops during World War II. Prior to 1941 African Americans were deemed unfit for war and were not allowed to fight on the front lines.

Why did the African Americans migrate to the North during World War I?

African-Americans moved north for increased job opportunities as well as a decrease in prejudice and social pressures.

African Americans during World War II?

fought valiantly but didnt get the credit they deserved

What did African-Americans do during World War 1?

They fought to help the US win the war.

How were African Americans and latinos discriminated against during world war 2?

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What jobs did African-Americans do in the US military during World War I?

I dont know this answer, but I do know that the jobs during World War 2 more African Americans did. They had more freedom to where they could get jobs in the military. But the World War 1 part I do not know..Sorry

Why were African Americans mistreated during World War 2?

Many African Americans were mistreated during World War II because it was still believed in many areas of the United States that these individuals were not equal to white soldiers. Many African Americans were put in the front lines when battling and deprived of medical treatment when it was needed.

With respect to finding better jobs the war years marked a period of for african americans?

Advancement in job prospects for African Americans increased during World War II.

How many african americans died in world war 1?

about 54,627,892 African Americans

How many African-Americans are in the world?

How many african american millionaries in the world

Which group saw a massive increase in voting power during World War 2?

African Americans

In what ways did African Americans helped support war effort during world war 2?


In the military during World War 2 African Americans were grouped?

separately as all-black units

How many African Americans joined the military during World War 2?

Nearly one million.

About how many African Americans joined the military during world war 2?

Nearly one million

What did African Americans do to help the war effort during World War 2?

They served in the US military.

Which two groups benefitted the most from American mobilization during World War I?

Women and African-Americans